Infosys Placement Paper & Interview

Company: Infosys Technologies Ltd

Kuntal here frm Somaiya engg coll in Mumbai. I got selected on 27th July after clearin APTITUDE n den HR…

The aptitude papers comprised of two sections: –
1) Logical Reasoning
– It waz based on CAT papers…some questions were really tough… I had hardly refered any CAT book before so i took loads ot time solving them…

u guys do refer IMS notes of logical reasoning widout fail.. also remember to maintain a very well organized rough work during d test….bec i had hardly managed 2 get 10 correct answer out of 30… but i tried each n every sum in rough work n marked sumwat similar answers…

2) Verbal section: – This section waz considered to b simpler than the logical section by most but verbal section turned out to be the toughest section of all time.. the entire verbal section waz of GRE level n by no means an easy one…but dont panic !!!

wat i did waz completed 30 q’s out of 40 by dedicating enough time to each question…n den d remaining 10 q’s of RC….in last 5 mins…bec d RC’s were of 3 pages n 2 pages each…so no point in wasting time der…jst read d RC questions n try 2 luk for d answers ….

i think the cutoff waz jst 50 % for both the sections…380 students had appeared n only 51 cleared the Apitude….

then HR interview started….
interviewer: cum in kuntal…hav a seat.
me: thank u sir
interviewer: tel me abt ur self(std question of HR)
me: blah blah……..blah n concluded by telling my hobbies which include trekking…
interviewer: when did u last go for trekking?
me: blah blah……..blah !
interviewer: which route …where, how many times did u go der before?
me: blah blah……..blah !
interviewer: wat waz ur role in trekking?
interviewer: 1 incident u remenber abt ur last trekking?
me: blah blah……..blah !
interviewer: consider urself to be RAHUL DRAVID …. wat message u will give to ur team before going to start a 5 day test match?
me: blah blah……..blah !
interviewer: which newz paper u read?
interviewer: tel me abt 1 impt national news in last 1 week?
me: no idea sir…(he waz luking for 123 nuclear deal wid US)
interviewer: since u r an electronic engg…tel me d latest electronic device in market?
me: iphone frm apple.
interviewer: wats unique in iphone as compared to N95?
me: sound quality, display ….(spoke a lot)
interviewer: u hav ne idea abt recnt PRESIDENT’s election?
me: blah…blah(lots of bak-bak)
interviewer: finally ..u hav ne questions?
me: no sir…(i made a mistake here…u guys should ask sumthing or the other…lyke why waz d colour or font size of the PPT d way it waz…its showz dat u have very sharp observations)

Finally at 6pm dey announced d names of 20 students amongst 51 …n i waz amongst d lucky one’s!! n last but not d least… dont ever b upset wid rejection…hope u gus know “FAILURES R PILLARS OF SUCCESS”

jst gv ur 100% for the 60 minutes of the apti paper widout ne pressure…n leave rest to d GREAT ALMIGHTY!!! U ALL GUYS HAV IT IN U TO MAKE IT BIG!!!

Infosys Placement Paper & Interview

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