Infosys Placement Paper

Company: Infosys Technologies Ltd


this is abhishek and here are tips to crack infosys test

1. Study hard these books: more puzzles, puzzles to puzzle u and george summeres puzzles and teasers.

2. The questions come from shakuntala devi are esy and for less marks

3. The questions come from george summeres are for higher mark and hard

4. The test is of 50+50 marks
50 for aptitude and
50 for english

5. Time is total 90 min
60 for aptitude 10 questions
30 for english 50 or 30 questions

6. first u get aptitude paper and when time finishes they take the q.paper and give the english q.paper

7. The main thing u must do is
if u are less in time
in last five min copy questions to ur ans. paper
and after the time (90min) is over solve those remaining questions.
bcause they take long time to check the forms and collecting the papers

note: try to sit as far as in sitting arrangemets so u will get extra time for these papers
the interviews r on next day of exam

i just failed because of time gamble

all the best for future

Infosys Placement Paper

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