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Hi my dear frnds,
I Am Shwetha Minan, from Anand Engineering College, Agra. Infosys came at Hindustan College of Science and Technology, Mathura on 17th of feb,2010. Hindustan and Anand College are part of Sharda Group of Institutions. So both of the colleges were appearing for infy. I dont know the exact figures of Hindustan but from my college 232 candidates were short listed out of which 22 were finally selected and i am one of the lucky one.

Their criteria was 60,60 and 65(in B-Tech). There was no leniency on percentage. Even 64.99 was not allowed. Out of 232 only 23 were able to clear the written examination and 22 were finally selected. So the MAIN part is written.
1. Aptitude Test
2. Reasoning Section
3. Verbal Section
4. HR interview

Aptitude Test : In aptitude test there was sectional cut-off,reasoning paper was easy and the verbal one was average but the main problem was sectional cut-off which i think was high so be accurate and attempt a lot(there was no negative marking). Also just dont go for fluke like marking all b?s?.If u are going for fluke then also do it smartly because i think they even check that.

Reasoning Section (30 ques, 40 min)- RS Aggarwal Verbal

* 5 ques on Data Sufficiency{easy}
* 5 ques on Series(figure Interpretation){again easy}
* 5 ques on Data Intrepretation{average}
* 5 ques on Puzzle{normal}
* 5 ques on another Puzzle{a bit difficult and time taking}
* 5 ques on Syllogism{easy if practised}

Verbal Section (40 ques, 35 min)?deciding factor[time management is required]

* Two passages and 5 question from each passages{Do it at the last as passages are lengthy and time taking.Also before reading the passage see the question one time.}
* Sentence Correction{Be careful about tense mistake, spelling mistake, using of pronoun. My opinion mark the option which clicks you first and dont waste too much time on this part?Rest is at your wish}
* Fill in the Blanks{These were mostly prepositions..Do this part also fast}
* Theme Detection
* Identification of some supporting or weakening sentences about a paragraph given.

I am sure if you are well prepared then reasoning part can be done easily(BUT BE ACCURATE & ATTEMPT MAXIMUM) but manage your time well for verbal(as time given is less and questions are more). Just prepare well for written as interview is an easy part(in case of infy i should say as they select aprrox 90% of students who had cleared the aptitude

HR Interview:
Now the final section. The best way to face the interview is to stay calm and polite. Amswer confidently and if you dont know any answer then admit it?you can say ?Sorry sir I?m unable to recollect it right now? instead of directle saying ?sorry?. Main thing is to speak confidently?.Make yourself presentable.

HR was cool though there were situations at which he pressurised me but just to divert me from my calm nature(which i told him as my strong point). I was the last one to go for interview so was pretty much relaxed and was not nervous at all (don?t know why)?My interview was a funny one instead of being serious.

* Me: Sir please may i come in.
* HR: Yes.
* Me: Good Evening sir.
* HR: Good Evening and have a seat. Fill up this form( he gave me form)
* Me: While i was filling the form there i had to mention time of interview but i dont had watch so i asked him for time(a blunder so always take your watch)
* HR: Tell me about yourself(A general question just to check your confidence level)
* Me: I told him all my details and when i was out of matter i said to him ?That?s it?
* HR: That?s it(in an unusual way)
* Me: By his reaction I again continued telling him about my social service events which were the part of my resume?(he was intersted in that) BY THIS TIME I WAS TOO RELAXED
* HR: Interuppting me ?Boy it doesn?t seems to be that you are here for the interview?
* Me: Why sir.
* HR: You are not like your other batchmates who were tensed and nervous and were also serious.You are too calm and relaxed.
* Me: Sir i cant help it out as i am like that only..may be this is because calmness is my strong point..
* HR: Is this your first interview?
* Me: Yes sir..
* HR: Ok tell me more about yourself?
* Me: At this point i took a pause as i was completely out of matter at that point, then after thinking i diverted him to my hobbies and explained that.
* HR: What was your most embarrasing moment?
* Me: (This one was unexpected)I answered..
* HR: Can you explain it that what exactly happened(related to embarrasing moment)
* Me: Sorry sir i don?t want to discuss it right now..It?s personal
* HR: He pressurised me..
* Me: Again i said sorry in a rude way(as i got frustrated)
* HR: If you will tell me i?ll surely select you..
* Me: I sticked to my point..
* HR: You were saying that you are a calm person and now you are getting frustrated?
* Me: Sorry sir for being rude but its really personal?bla bla bla
* HR: Why should i hire you?
* Me: I told him my strength and other things?Then said ?As you know I?m an electrical engineer and may be one day while working in your company you would call me up and say hey Shrey my table lamp that time I will be present there with a screw-driver and will repair it within few minutes. So I?ll serve you as a software engineer cum electrician always at you service. (This one was good and he was smiling at the answer)
* HR: Ohhhh!!
* Me: Sorry sir for cracking the joke..
* HR: No problem?Boy you have a good sense of humour?
* Me: Thank you sir?
* HR: Anything that you want me to ask?
* Me: I directly said no as i was not at all prepared for the interview and was not knowing how to answer such type of questions.
* HR: ok that?s it..
* Me: Nice being here and eagerly waiting to meet you again. I left?{That was all and finally I was selected}

All the best friends !!!

Infosys Placement Papers & Interview

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