Infosys Technologies Ltd Placement Paper

Company: Infosys Technologies Ltd

Infosys recent Placement Paper (Aptitude) – 05-Jan-2010

Written test:
pattern is changed. No puzzles were there. 30 questions 40 mins

* set 1: a cube question, a cube painted with different colors, some sides and colrs given on the basis of data given find colors on other sides and ans some questions(easy one)
* set 2: series completion, where some figures are given. practice them from RS agarwal( verbal and non verbal reasoning)
* set 3: 5-6 data sufficiency qustions, easy but still practice them from MBA preparation stuff
* set 4: a bar graph question. just calculation based.
* set 5 : logical reasoning quaetion, heights and weights of some friends given , some conditions given( this was the toughest question) and i couldn’t do it at all.
* set 6: syllogysm like ,all A’s are B’s , some C’s are not A’s ( please practice these type of question, otherwise u will get confused there, as these type of question are asked in many companies)

ENGLISH SECTION:: 40 ques, 30 mins
V imp section, this is the eliminating section, most guys do not qualify this section’s cut off, soo pleez prcatice for verbal scetion, refer MBA stuff, not at higher level but just the most basic level.
Speed is very important for this section. 2 PASSAGES( very long, dont do them first unless u r very confident on ur verbal section)
other things: grammer correction ques, conclusion , inference deduce type of question.
choose the correct sentence question,

I did one passage at end , i attempted 3 question without reading passage even once, because 2 question were Vocab related, one was v simple.

not sure but cutoff was 50% verbal and 60 % apti

HR interview: make simple resume, prepare question like “about urself”, hobies, about infosys, current news, etc etc( u mus be knowing all that) i will tell how u answer them nicely.

Listen guys, no one is perfect neither am I, so if u could’nt figure out ur strengths , weaknesses, impressive hobbies , plez sit and think over, what u do in free time , what u do daily, every one has some good qualities no matter how small they are. study urself a lot as this will help not only in Infosys but everywhere u go for job in ur entire life.
just dont say ur strenght is hard working or I dont have any weaknesses. I mean what ever u say u must be ready to state instances from ur life and backen it up.

Rest only Confidence is needed. My Interview went like as if I was busy in discussion with my Friend. it was so nice. I said my strenghts are leam leadership and team working, as I had examples to support them , The interviewer fired Many situation like “what would u do if a person working under u does not do the work u assigned him”, “which team would u join , on eteam has all good people, other team has all bothering people”, “how u managed ur project in team”, “what u learnt when u were House captain in ur school” etc etc.

So guys, dont worry, Its vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv easy to get in INFOSYS.

Do ur best, meet u in Infosys.

Infosys Technologies Ltd Placement Paper

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Infosys Limited is an Indian multinational information technology company that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services. The company was founded in Pune and is headquartered in Bangalore.visit offical website of Infosys Technologies Ltd for more details.

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