Company: Infosys-Bpo

No of Colleges – 5
Total Students – 375
Students who cleared Aptitude Test – 25

Students Selected in interview – 14

Selection Procedure:
Students from any stream can sit in Infosys. There are no direct Technical rounds in Infosys.

The whole Selection Process contains two section Aptitude test.
Analytical & Logical reasoning: (30 questions : Time allowed 40 minutes)
English section: (40 questions : Time allowed 35 minutes)

The cutoff is said to be 60% cutoff in first Section, & 50% from second section. There is no scope for cheating in written exams.

After Aptitude test the HR Interview is there.

For Verbal & Non verbal- RS Aggarwal is good.

Analytical & Logical reasoning
I am giving the style of the paper and the number of questions of each type.

Syllogism: (5 questions) – These are very easy to solve.

Question Pattern: Statement: All A is B. Some B is C.

Figure Series: (5 questions)

Dice & Cube Problem: (5 questions) – In The aptitude questions, the problem was as follows:

A cube is given and is painted on six sides with six different colours.
Red is adjacent of yellow and green.
Pink is opposite of yellow.
Brown is in the bottom face.

Now Q:1) Which color is in the top face?
Q:2) Which color in the face opposite of Red?

There is a cube and it is cut in 27/64/125 equals pieces of cube. Now two faces are colored with black, two green, two red.
Q: No of cubes which are painted three faces. No. of uncolored cubes.

Infosys Puzzles Questions: (5 questions) – Puzzles makes everyone puzzeled. Read the question carefully draw the diagram, matrix and put the data one by one according to given information.
Data Interpretation: (5 question) – A chart, graph, table will be given. You have to solve some problems on statistics. Its is too time consuming process. Follow the Option elimination process.

English Section:

Two passages and 5 question from each passages:
Sentence Correction:
Fill in the Blanks: English Section questions on preposition, phrase, idioms.
Theme Detection.

Infosys HR Interview:

Keep yourself cool. Be friendly and polite with them.

First Interview
Me: Good afternoon sir, May I come in?
HR: Yes , and be seated.
Me: Thank you sir.
HR: R u tired for waiting long time?
Me: Not at all sir.
HR: What is the meaning of your name?
Me: Told
HR: Show your group work capability.
Me: Told about the project.
HR: Which quality of a leader do you find in yourself.
Me: Told about my cooperation, taking on challenges, etc.
HR: What was the crucial decision in your life that changed yourself?
Me: Told something. I hadnt prepared. Say anything positive.

Questions on teamwork and leadership.

Second interview
HR: Sorry for taking your second interview.
Me: My pleasure sir. ( Show good behaviour )
HR: What is your week point?
HR: What is your reaction when one rectify ur week points?
HR: How do you react when a misunderstanding happens in group work?
HR: Give some example on you real life.Etc.
HR: what is your favourite (best) subject?
Now few questions about your best subject. Tell any subject (they dont care much about it)
So they may ask you to tell about anything currently going on in that field.
HR: nice interview.

And the hand shake takes place..