Infosys Technologies Ltd Placement Paper & Interview

Company: Infosys Technologies Ltd


1. SYLLOGISMS (better study the rules from TIME material and do some examples ..more than enough)


3. DATA INTERPRETATION (here u can waste time if u cant calculate fast so better choose your questions)

4. Odd one out figures kind…quite easy

5. Relations Problems ….quite easy

6. Puzzle Section.. was quite time taking to get the idea…so i went thru the other sections. and unfortunately one of my friends wasted 15mins for this and lost

Verbal :

This was the toughest part ….its more like a CAT format …though i dint prepare for CAT ..but i have some idea.

1. Completion of sentences

2. Correction of sentences (lengthy sentences were given)

3. Choose correct sentence (4 options were given and each option contained around 3 to 4 lines again CAT like….so time taking again …so u have to read fast …FAST READING ONLY HELPS)

4. RC in CAT full page will be given …so better read questions and go to paragraph)

5. RC …its half page and easy better do this first

6. We were expecting inference kind of questions …but then it was again 4 to 5 lines of passage to be read and choose one option( SO FAST READING AND INTERPRETING CAN ONLY HELP. I though don’t read that fast )

HR Round:

It was the easiest part of the day. My HR was aged around 55:

HR: y cse ??
me: told …for others(non CSE) it was kind of…Y INTO IT?

HR: did u learn anything other than ur curriculum
me: told …confidently

HR: what was ur role in project
me: told …and i expected the next question

HR: did u face any problem in ur project..and how did u solve it ?
me: yes sir …and went on

HR: what r ur achievements (academic and co-cir too)
me: told ..though its was written in resume

HR: if i give u multiple tasks to handle …how will u handle it ??(smiles at me)
me: (i too smiled)sir i would allocate particular time to every task and would stick to it …and keep it cool ( dont know whether he liked it).

Infosys Technologies Ltd Placement Paper & Interview

About Infosys Technologies Ltd

Infosys Limited is an Indian multinational information technology company that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services. The company was founded in Pune and is headquartered in Bangalore.visit offical website of Infosys Technologies Ltd for more details.

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