Infosys Technologies Placement Paper

Company: Infosys Technologies Ltd

Infy 22 april 2008 joint campus at u.i.e.t.kanpur
By: Raman Mishra
Total appeared for written : 270(approx)
Total selected for HR: 73(55 from our college)
Total selected finally from our college:36
Reasoning –>30 ques in 40 min
verbal –>40 ques in 35 min
Reasoning paper:
(1)puzzle :it was very easy 5 ques related to this a,b,c have 120,80,40 Rs. respectively.The person who has highest money gives money equal to half of the difference b/w him and other person amt.and gae ends when difference b/w amt of any two is less than 5.for example;
b(120-80)/2 a(120)—< c(120-40)/2

(2)puzzle similar to one in arihant sizwali problem 17
(a) 1 six scientist each teach on one day from mon to fri.two subjects each day 5 Ques follow

(3)Data sufficiency:
(5 ques) like two sides of triangle given 8,6.find area
(i)third side is 5. (ii)altitude is given given options
(5 ques) just read the rules from anyreasoning books these were the easiest in whole paper

(5)Data interpretation:
(5 ques) a data table was given for three business years the questions were based on this ,which has max growth rate .See barrons for this
(6)Figure series: (5 ques) it was an odd one out series,simple to solve. ————— Verbal ability: ————— For this section i will like to say ,that agar sentence ko padhne se u can find the mistake ,the paper was easiest.while for rest of my friends it was difficult as they prepared the rules of articles etc.I solved the paper just by reading the sentences. I m not master of Grammar ,i m jst ordinary believe me

(1) 2 unseen passages
(10 ques) the answers were seen directly by loooking at the questions for one para but for other para we were required to read it.
(2) 10 questions fill in the right phrase in to sentence very easy,done by direct check.
(3) 10 questions correct sentence ,5 options were given and a part of sentence was underlined,it wsa to be corrected.A lot of concentration required as the sentences were big.This was the toughest part.But easy.
(4) Theme detection A para with 5 option given (bit tricky) para ki bhavnaon ko samajhna tha.

———————- HR Interview ———————- There was no technical questions or interview only HR. I will not describe it as a dialogue,just want to say some points.
(1)Tell abt urself? —>dont gv ur intro,tell about your qualities,skills etc. with good examples.
(2)HR’s r very friendly,but u dont be too friendly .just keep a smile on ur face
to hide ur tension.
(3)Just keep cool,he might ask 1 or 2 easy puzzles to check presence of mind.
(4) Keep full knowledge of your resumespecially hobbies.
Rest u must have read in other papers blah blah ,i hate this blah.

Atlast: about me ,my interview was dynamic,i impressed the hr very much ,but he was just pretending to be impressed and i came to know about this when the results were declared. I was not selected may be due to age ,year gap factor or because i did not had any certificates of extra curriculars in my folder.So, i was disheartened. But,now i m back to work. Hope,My paper helps you. hope u all have good luck.not a bad one like me. And for IT companies selections i want to say: “every dog has his day”
I did not found such detailed paper any where.

Infosys Technologies Placement Paper

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