Infosys Technologies Ltd Placement Paper

Company: Infosys Technologies Ltd

Hai friends,

I am very much happy to write that i made it into INFOTECH as Software Engineer Trainee, I wrote this est on 22nd of MARCH on which Writen test and GD were conducted and the shorltisted candidtaes were asked to appear for Interview (both Tech and HR) on 25th at their Office. They gave the offer letter on 30th of MARCH.

My joining date is on 2nd June 2005, HYDERABAD [first 6 months training].

I’m posting my GD n Interview Experience:

The selection procedure is like this
1. Written Test
2. Group Discussion
3. Technical Interview
4. HR Interview

The written test consisted of 5 sections namely Quantitative (15 Questions), Analytical ability (14 Questions), Sentence completion (6 Questions), Reading Comprehension (2 Passages each with 5 Questions), Data Interpretation (1 set with 5 Questions).

The quant consisted of mainly ratios, simple equations i.e. word problems, mixtures and simple/compound Intrest. [Suggested book R.S. Agarwal]

The analytical reasoning consisted of a small puzzle and u need to solve it to answetr the questions following that set. [suggested book R.S. Agarwal]

coming to sentence completetion, though the heading was sentense completetion they asked questions related to vocabulary i.e. 3 Synonyms and 3 Antonyms and the words are not which were being asked frequently in other tests. [suggested book Barrons]

The reading comprehension had two passages each of length 100-200 words and the questions were easy.

The data interpretation section was dead easy and everybody could solve 5 on 5 with most of them claiming 100% accuracy.

The main thing is that one needs to qualify in each section in order to clear the written test. The best part of the test is that at the beggining of each section they clearly mentioned the number of questions one need to get correct in order to qualify that particular section.

The discussion was for 15 minutes and there were 14 members. The topic gives was “CAN MAN B EVER REPLACED BY MACHINE”. They clearly told what are the qualities they r looking for in a person before the starting of the idscussion like ability to communicate ur idea effectively 2 the group, ur ability 2 listen to athers points by giving them a chance, etc etc… In the GD initially everybody were asked to speak on that topic for a max. of 1 minute, after everybody completed it was an open discussion for all.


TECHNICAL INTERVIEW:[lasted for 45 mins]
The previous two rounds were conducted on one day and the selected candidates were asked to attend the remaing process @ their office after 2 days. the questions were
1. Tell me about ur project and explain it?
Ans. took 5 mins to explain it.
2. some questions on project?
3. which company manufacutres these active filters?
4. what is ur favourite subject?
ans: Power Electronics
5. Draw the block diagram of UPS?
ans: drawn
6. Explain each component and its function in the diagram?
7. 2 more questions on that block diagram and its funtioning?
8. u r from Electrical, y r u intrested in s/w?
9. Y dont utake up a job in elcrical enggineering ? and esp. in power elctronics [my favourite area]
ss there r very good oppourtunities compared to s/w field?
ans: told that i’m intrested in s/w only
10. some questions on IGBT?
11. Diference b/n battery and cell?
12. what are faradys laws?
13. what are the differences b/n C and JAVA?
14. Epalins oops concept?
15. what r ur strengths?
16. Tell a recent situation wherein u feel ur strengths helped u tackle that situation?
17. u appear to b over confident, what do u say?
18. anymore questions for us?

HR INTERVIEW: [lasted for 40 mins]
1. Tell me abt urself?
2. Where did u do ur project?
Ans: college
3. What do u lack if u do ur project in college?
ans: Industrial interface
4. Then how do u gain Inudstrial interface?
ans: summer training
5. How do companies select studentd for training?
6. Where did u do training?
ans: BHEL
7. Have u anytime been without ur parents, i mean in hostel during ur college or school?
ans yes, during inter
8. How was ur experience?
9. R u good in a grup or wen u r working alone?
ans. group
10. So wen u r on projects wherein u need to work alone, u cant?
11. What r ur hobbies?
ans: listening 2 music, reading books
12. What type of music do u prefer and why?
13. Where does ur father work?
14. What does ur mother do?
15. Do u have any siblings, if yes what r they studying?
16. y u dint make it 2 IITJEE?
ans: Due to improper TIME planning in exam
17. So u r very bad at planning ur time?
18. What r ur strengths?
19. Tell me a situation wherein u used all ur strengths?
20. What r ur weaknesses?
ans. Fussy about details, stubborn
21. Y do u consider being fussy about details as a weakness?
22. What r ur future plans?
23. Do u know the agreement[bond] here and have u discussed with ur family?
24. Any questions for us?

Infosys Technologies Ltd Placement Paper