Intel Placement Paper

Company: Intel India Pvt Ltd

Section I – General Aptitude

1. Four persons picking balls. Peter one more than paul. Pam one more than

Peter + Paul +Pam + Pat = 60;

Peter + Paul = Pam + Pat + 10.

How much Peter pick?

Ans: 18

2. Semi-circle of Radius 12cm. Can a Rectangle of 12cm length & 6cm width be
fit in the semi-circle?

3. Two series Questions? 11, 12, 14, 17, 21 (ans)

4. complete: 5, 25, 61,113, 181, 265 ( i’m not sure about the exact
numbers in 4th qn.)

5. To join 3 tables how many joints are required?

6. Wolf is called as flow, 8256 is called as?

7. 64, 54, 42, 31, 20 find the odd man out?

8. Seven members are there in a meeting. Each should handshake only once with all others. Find the total number of handshakes?

9. if 3 monkeys take 7 minutes to eat 3 bananas, what time will 10 monkeys take to eat 10 bananas? ans: 7 minutes.

10.what time is it now? the no. of minutes from midnight to now is 9 times the no. of minutes from now to noon . i think 10.53 am or 10.47 am (juz check)


Questions from paging were asked..

1. 8085 architecture:

a) Risc
b) Cisc
c) both
d) neither

2. Memory space depends on
a) no. of address pins
b) no. of data pins
c) ALU

3. Which is context free language?

4. hit ratio calculation in OS?

5. 2 frames

Time page

1 some value

2 ,,

3 ,,

4 ,,

5 ,,

6 stop

what are the two pages in the frames when replacement method is used?

6. What is Zombie Process?


Questions on loops in C, Data structures and RDBMS were asked.

1. which is better? 1st or 2nd or 3rd normal form or Boyce codd normal form?

2. which is not a command in sql? drop, delete, create, insert.?

3. Class A


fn to print ‘A’;


Class B {virtual fn to print ‘B’ }

Class C {fn to print ‘C’}

a ptr object is created for class C, what will be printed? just check out
that virtual fns concept in C++

4. Efficiency of sorting bubble, merge & memory efficiency for both best &
worst case?

5. which is memory inefficient? Quick, merge, bubble.

6. worst case for merge sorting? n log n, n2, n-1

7. which is correct or which will swap nos.. i think this is the of
the choices were.:

a^=b^=a^=b (in C)

8. i= 20;

j= 50;

printf(“%d”, sizeof(i+j));

9. which takes less time to execute.? ordinary functions or recursive funs.
i think its recursive since stack winding and unwinding is there. much memory will be allocated to this union:

union a


char b;

int no:2; (bit field)


11. what is the argc value?

C: sample.exe val1 val2 val3
ans: 4

12. one qn about ptr to funciton :

how will a ptr to a ptr to a fun will be declared

void *(*ptr[]));

void *ptr[];

void (**ptr[]

Intel Placement Paper

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