Company: Intergraph

Aptitude Test : 20 Minutes
Technical : 20 Minutes

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:
Apti test: 20 questions : 20 mins. Most of the questions were on heights and distances, time and work, time and distance. It was an easy test. Accuracy matters a lot.
Tech test: 20 questions: 20 mins. Most of them are form C. Some simple codes were given and output was asked. Both the test are objective and there is no negative marking.

There were two rounds of interview. First HR followed by technical.

Questions related to microprocessor,DSP,Digital Communication and C were asked.
1. what is a microprocessor
2. draw the pin diagram of 8086
3. architecture of microprocessor
4. wht is the latest processor?
5. what is ASK.
6. what is FSK.
7. what are filters and why do we use them
8. FIR , IIR filters
9. what is fourier transform? where do we use it?

C questions: These were relatively easy

1.write a code to print linked list reversely
2.write a code to delete a node from double linked list
3.code for bubble sort and some more sorting techniques


More general questions like tell me about yourself, why IT, why not for higher studies and some puzzles were asked. Few questions on my hobbies. Solving puzzles is one of my hobby. I was asked to tell a puzzle(this helped me a lot.


Good knowledge on C,Data structures is necessary. Try solving C-aptitude documents, it will be helpful for written. It is good if you have in depth knowledge in core subjects, but basics are compulsory.