Indian Space Research Organisation Placement Paper

Company: Indian Space Research Organisation

1. A full binary tree with n leaves contains
a n nodes
b log2 n nodes
c 2n-1
d 2nnodes
2. The expression 1 * 2 ^ 3 * 4 ^ 5 * 6 will be evaluated as
a 3230
b 16230
c 49152
d 173458
3. The feature in object-oriented programming that allows the same operation to be carried out differently, depending on the object, is
a Inheritance
b Polymorphism
c Overfunctioning
d overriding
4. The microinstructions stored in the control memory of a processor have a width of 26 bits. Each microinstruction is divided into three fields: a microoperation field of 13 bits, a next address field (X), and a MUXselect field (Y). There are 8 status bits in the inputs of the MUX. How many bits are there in the X and Y fields, and what is the size of the control memory in number of words?
a 10,3,1024
b 8,5,256
c 5,8,2048
d 10,3,512
5. A CPU has 24-bit instructions. A program starts at address 300 (in decimal). Which one of the following is a legal program counter (all values in decimal)?
a 400
b 500
c 600
d 700

Indian Space Research Organisation Placement Paper

About Indian Space Research Organisation

The Indian Space Research Organisation or is the national space agency of India, headquartered in Bengaluru. It operates under Department of Space which is directly overseen by the Prime Minister of India, while Chairman of ISRO acts as executive of DOS as well. visit offical website of ISRO for more details.

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