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1) Special software to craete a job queue is called
a) driver
b) spooler
c) interpreter
d) linkage editer

2)When a process is rolled back as a result of deadlock the difficulty arises is
a) Starvation
b) System throughput
c) low device utilization
d) cycle stealing

3)On recieving an interrupt from an I/O device the CPU
a) Halts for a predefined time.
b) Branches off the interrupt service routine after completion off the current instruction.
c) Branches off to the interrupt service routine immediately.
d) hands over the control of address bus and data bus to the interrupting service.

4) Which of the following is true of the auto increment addressing mode?
1. It is useful in creating sef relocating code.
2)If it is induced in an instruction set architecture , than an additional ALU is required for effective
address calculation.
3) The amount of increment depends on the size of the data item accessed.
a) 1 only.
b)2 only
c) 3 only
d) 2 and 3 only

5) Theprimary purpose of an operating system is
a) To make the most efficient use of the computer hardware.
b) to allow people to use the computer.
c) To make the system programmers employed.
d) to make computers easy to use.

6)consider the cpu intensive processes which require 10,20,30 time units and arrive at time 0,2,6 many context switches are needed if the operating system impements a shortest
remaining time first sceduling algorithm?Do not count the context switches at the time 0 and end.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

7) consider a system having n resources of the same type.These resources are shared by 3 processes
A,B,C .These have peak demands of 3,4,6 respectively.For what value of n deadlock won’t occour.
a) 15
b) 9
c) 10
d) 13

8) In which addressing mode the effective address of the operand is computed by adding a constant
value to the content of the register?
a) absolute mode.
b) indirect mode
c) immediate mode
d) index mode

9)the process of organizing the memory into two banks to allow 16 bit and 8 bit data operation is called
a) bank switching
b) indexed mapping
c) two way memory interleaving
d) memory segmentation

10)a one dimensional array A has indices 1-75.Each element is a string and takes up three memory
words. The array is stored in location 1120 decimal. The starting address of A[49] is
a) 1267
b) 1164
c) 1264
d) 1169

11) The microsystems stored in the control memory of a processor have a width of 26 bits. Each
microinstruction is divided into three fields : a microoperation field of 13 bits, a next address field(X),
and a MUX select field(Y). There are 8 status bits in the inputs of the MUX.How many bits are there in
the X and Y fields and what is the size of the control memory in number of words?
a) 10,3,1024
b) 8,5,256
c) 5,8,2048
d) 10,3,512

12)The use of multiple register windows with overlap causes a reduction in the number of memory
accesses for
1.function locals and parameters
2. register saves and restores.
3. instruction fetches.
a) 1 only
b) 2 only
c) 3 only
d) 1,2,and 3

13)Which of the following about relative addressing mode is false?
a) it enables reduced instruction size.
b) it allows indexing of array element with same instruction.
c) it enabkles easy relocation of data.
d) it enables faster address calculation than absulute addressing.

14)Substitution of values for names (whose values are constants) is done in ‘
a) local optimization
b) loop optimization
c) constant folding
d) strength reduction

15)A root a of eq f(x)=0 can be computed to any degree of accuracy if a good initial approximation x0
is chosen for which
a) f(x0)>0
b) f(x0)f”(x0)>0
c) f(x0)f”(x0)<0 d) f''(x0)>0

16) consider the polynomial p(x)=a0+a1x+a2x*x+a3x*x*x. The mininum number of multipliations
needed to evaluate p on an input x is
a) 3
b) 4
c) 6
d) 9

17)Activities which ensure that the software that has been built , is tracable tocustomer is covered as
part of
a) verification
b) validation
c) maintainnace
d) modeling

18) A testing method which is normally used as the acceptance test for a software system is
a) regression testing
b) integration testing
c) unit testing
d) system testing

19)A locked database file can be
a) accessed by only one user
b) modified by the users with the correct password.
c) used to hide the sencitive information.
d) updated by more than one user
41 The power absorbed in belt drive depends on———————–
Tension in tight side, Tension in slack side, coefficient of friction & Radius of pulley.

42 The temperature loss related ————– hysteresis loss

43 The convergent pipe having entry and exit diameters are 100 and 50 mm respectively, find out their velocity ratio from entry to exit…………..

44 They had given one composite circular pipe having 4 varying cross sections . They are 2D, 1.5D, 4D & D respectively. The water is entering at velocity V at section 1 and leaving at section 4. Find out the pressure decreasing order……………

45 The bulb having weight 150N supported by two ropes and attached to the walls having angles 45º & 60º. Findout the reaction forces in the ropes ?

This is related to Lamis theorem

46 A hollow sphere of radius r . A particle is moving with coefficient of friction 1/[3]½ inside the sphere from wall . which height will it become rest?

47 The disc is resting on the rough wall by a rope tied at the center . The rope makes angle with the wall around 30º. The tension in the string is ———-than the weight of the disc. more

48 A railway wagon containing partially full of water. Which angle—————-

49 Findout the graph between discharge [Q] in the x-axis and head [H] in the y-axis———-

50 In welding pitch dimension is limited to———————-

51 The composition of inconel alloy——————-

52 There is a heat transfer between two walls having thickness and conductivities k1 & K2 respectively. The linear temperature profile of first wall is more steeper than the second wall . Findout the ratio K1/K2 ———————
a) >0 b) <0 c)=0 d) the given data is insufficient 53 The max shear stress developed in solid circular shaet is 100 MPa . Calculate the max normal stress developed in it? ?????? 54 This question related to welding ------------- 55 Bearing liner------------------------- a) Babbit metal b) Gun metal 56 Electrical resistance material --------------Nichrome 57 This question related to radiation 58 A sun emits 1150K at 0.5µ. A furnace emits 300k from small door -------------- 59 In the simple pendulum , the maximum amplitude depends on ------------------- increase in length 60 The fuel flow increases if------------------------- a) exhaust valve burnt b) filter choke c) silencer choke 61 The jet propulsion depends on------------- a) jet velocity b) weight ratio 62 What is the condition for perfect frame------------------------------------- 63 Depth of cut can be increased by----------------------- 64 The workpiece can be held in----------------- 65 This is related toNucleate boiling 66 What is the expression for Reynolds number in terms of diameter of the pipe…………..Re =?VD/µ 67 Air conditioning means--------------- a) cooling & heating b)dehumidifying c) removing impurities from air d)all 68 Fibrous fracture occurs in ------------------------ a)brittle fracture b) ductile fracture c)shear fracture d)none 69 In laser beam machining , the workpiece should be-------------- a)absorbed by all the rays b) reflected by all the rays 70 Foam and coke are good insulators. Why?----------------------- a)less density b) 71 Gold property------------------ a)good conductor b)good insulator 72 In lathe , the workpiece can be held in -------------------------------------- a) live center b)steady rest c)3-way chuck d)4-way chuck INTERVIEW PATTERN: I. Project Explanation II. Fluid Mechanics: i. Define laminar flow & Turbulent flow ii. What is the value of Reynolds no in pipe flow iii. What is the significance of Reynolds no iv. Head losses in pipe v. Define boundary layer in pipe flow & thickness of boundary layer vi. What is the variation of d in laminar & turbulent flow III. Strength of materials i. Draw the figure for spring damper system ii. Differential equation for spring damper system iii. Find out the deflection of spring damper system iv. Define stiffness and unit of stiffness IV. Material Science i. Ferrous materials ii. Non-ferrous materials iii. Define fatigue iv. Define fatigue resistance? v. Curve for fatigue vi. Fatigue limit