Company: Indian Space Research Organisation

ISRO Technical Paper 2011 part -I

1 A full binary tree with n leaves contains?

2. The expression 1*2^3*4^5*6 will be evaluated as?

3 The feature in object oriented programming that follows he same operation to be carried out
differently ,depending on the object, is?

4. icroistructions stored in the control mamory of a processor have a width of 26 bits. Each
microinstructionsion. is divided into three fields: a microoperation field of 13 bits, a next address
field(x), and a MUX select field(y).There are 8 status bits in the inputs of the MUX. How many bits are
there in the X and Y fields, and what is the size of the control memory in number of words?

5. A cpu has 24-bit instructions. A program starts at address 300(in decimal).Which one of
the following is a legal program counter (all values in decimal)?

6. Consider a disk pack with 16 surfaces,128 tracks per surface and 256 sectors per track.512
bytes of data are stores in a bit serial manner in a sector.The capacity of the disk and the number of bits
required to specify a particular in the disk are respectively.

7. Consider a pipelined processor with the following four stages IF:Instruction
Fetch ID:Instruction Decode and Operand
Fetch EX:Execute WB:Write Back The IF,ID and WB stages take one clock cycle each to
complete the operation.The ADD and SUB instructions need 1 clock cycle and the MUL instruction
need 3 clock cycles in the EX stage.Operand forwarding is used in the pipelined processor.What is y
the number of clock cycles taken to complete the following sequence of
instructions? ADD R2,R1,R0 R2ßR1+R0
MUL R4,R3,R2 R4ßR3+R2
SUB R6,R5,R4 R6ßR5+R4

8. The use of multiple register windows with overlap causes a reduction in the number of
memory accesses for 1.Function locals and
parameters 2.Registers saves and
restores 3.Instruction fetches

9. A processor that has carry, overflow and sign flag bits as part of its program status
word(PSW) performs addition of the following two 2’s complement numbers 0100101 and
11101001.After the execution of this addition operation, the status of the carry, overflow and sign
flags, respectively will be

10. The two numbers given below are multiplied using the Booth’s algorithm.
Multiplicand:0101 1010 1110 1110 Multiplier:0111 0111
1011 1101 How many additions/Subtractions are
required for the multiplication of the above two numbers?

11. The addition of 4-bit, two’s complement,binary numbers 1101 and 0100 results in

12. Which of the following statements about relative addressing mode is FALSE? 1.It
enables reduced instruction size 2.It allows indexing of
array element with same instruction 3.It enables easy relocation of
data 4.It enables f asters address calculation than
absolute addressing

13. Substitution of values for names(whose values are constants) is done?

14. A root alpha (symbol) of equation f(x) =0 can be computed to any degree of accuracy if a
‘good’ initial approximation x0 is chosen for which?

15. Which of the following statement is correct? Vk)=Uk+1 delta Vk+Vk+1
delta Uk

16. The shift operator E is defined as E[f(xi)]=f(xi+h) and E-1[f(xi)]=f(xi-h) Then
delta(forward difference) in terms of E is ?

17. The formula (integration symbol) Sxnx0——————Ans:Trapezoidal rule.

18. The cubic polynomial y(x) which takes the following values:y(0)=1,y(1)=0,y(2)=1 and
y(3)=10 is x^3-2x^2+1.

19. x=a cos(t), y=b sin(t) is the parametric form of?

20. The value of x at which y is minimum for y=x^2-3x+1 is ans:3/2.

21. Some formula given from IT and Numerical Methods

22. If G is a graph with e edges and n vertices the sum of the degrees of all vertices in G is?

23. Let G be an arbitary graph with n nodes and k components.If a vertex is removed from G,
the number of components in the resultant graph must necessarily lie between.

24. A graph in which all nodes are of equal degree, is known as

25. If in a graph G there is one and only one path between every pair of vertices then G is a

26. A simple graph (a graph without parallel edge or loops) with n vertices and k components
can have at most.

27. Consider the polynomial p(x)=a0+a1x+a2x^2+a3x^3,where ai!=0,for all i. The
minimum number of multiplications needed to evaluate p on an input x is

28. Consider the following code written in a pass-by-reference language like
FORTRAN. Subroutine
swap(ix,iy) it=ix
call swap(ia,ib+5)
S1:The compiler will generate code to allocate a temporary nameless cell, initialize it to 13, and pass
the address of the cell to swap
S2:On execution the code will generate a runtime error on line L1
S3:On execution the code will generate a runtime error on line L2
S4:The program will print 13 and 8
S5:The program will print 13 and -2
Exactly the following set of statements is correct

29. A square matrix A is called orthogonal if A’A=?

30. If two adjacent rows of a determinant are interchanged, the value of the determinant?

31. If det((3,3)(x,5))=3 then the value of x is?

32. If A,B,C are any three matrices , then A’+B’+C’ is equal to?

33. problem to solve determinant of a 3×3 matrices?

34. Let f(x) be the continuous probability density function of a random variable x.The
probability that a