Ittiam Systems (P) Ltd Placement Paper

Company: Ittiam Systems (P) Ltd

Ititiam Question Papers

——–S —-R1——-
| R2
V |___
| R3 |( C
| | —–
instantaneous Voltage across R2 when switch S is closed :
Ans V*R2/(R1+R2+R3)——is what I wrote

| |
| |

as freq increases which of the following increases

ans : Z and V(L)

3 q? on setup time and dealy

diagram below given not very clear

clock period is 10ns ,
setuptime of each ff is 2 ns
clk2Q delay is 3ns
Slew dew to inverter is 1ns
Wht is the max allowable dealy of block D hold time=0

Ans 10-2-3-1=4ns

4 o/p of the following gate


ans : (a+b)c+de

5 SER=10^-4 the BER of a QPSK
a =SER
b <=SER c>=SER
d =SER/2
ans >=SER

6 for 62db of PCM System what is the no of bits =10

7 for a 4 level pipeline processor the no of machine cycles required for executing 4 and (someno I dont rember) with initially pipeline flushed

ans = 4+3 and +3
u add there for initial latency

8 An ideal LPF is
a causal
b non causal
c non stable
d none
ans: non causal ,

9 impluse func and white noise have same
a magnitude and phase response
b magnitude response
c phase response
d none
ans magnitude and phase response

y(t)=y(t-1)+0.1x(n) is what typr of filter
ans : IIR LPF

11 a signal s(t)=sin(omega*t) is sampled at fs, then the resulting signal spectrum is periodic depends on:
a Omega/fs
b omega *fs
c omega
d fs
ans omega/fs

12 if 2 gaussian func of mean m1 and m2 are added the wht is the resulting PDF
a guassian func with mean m1+m2
b guassian func with mean m1+m2/2
c uniform with mean m1+m2
d rayelig with mean m1+m2

13 u(t)+ sumof( deltafunc(n-k)){n=- infinitive to+ infinitive ) is equaltent to
I hope I am made this clear it is a simple one
Ans u(-t-1) +2u(t)

14 if the probaba of drawing an even no is p the wht is the probailty of drawing odd no in 2nd chance given 1st draw resulted in even one
ans p(1-p)

15 no of multi required to mutli 2 upper triangular matrixes
a p(p+1)/2
b (p-1)(p+1)/2
c.summation (i=1 to p) i(i+1)/2

16 a c program given something like this
unsigned short int i, j=1;
for (i=0,i<10,i++) if(i&j) printf(ITTIAM); how many time is Ittiam printed .
ans 5 since bitwise and therefore only odd no will result in true if condtion

17 some c program abt function concerned with pointer and local variable easy one
ans 25

18 f=100 khz fs=125khz o/p of filter with cutoff 150khzs
ans 25 and 100 khzs

19 stack in a processor is used for a function call b unlimted function call c local variable d something I am not very sure if it is function call or unlimited function call , since function call also be done with shadow registers but only to a certain depth but most processor dont use shadow registers . at the same time depth of stack is also limited

20 x(F) is a signal whose freq response is asymmetric i.e H(F)=H(-f) then it can be concluded that x(t) is a real b real or complex c comples d none ans complex here is the apti paper it also has 20 q?s and 30 min 1 some q? on some no is appended with 7(on right of units place) multiplied by 5 then result is similar to intial no with 7 on the left most (most significant digit)find the 3rd digit ans =2 (?) 2 OTTSSFF?N a.T b.E c.N d ans: I wrote E 3 abcdefghij a=no of zeros in the no b= no of ones in the no c= no of twos so on wht is the sum of digts a.10 b.55 c.9 d. ans 9(?) 4 of a no +2/3 of another no =3/8 of sum wht is their ratio ans: 3:7 5,6,7,8 9 four q? on some gre type analytical it was abt some 4 family runs a 4 restaurant name of husband (jai, jayesh, Parikh,bipin), wife(beena, chand, preethi, sangeetha) and their familyname (joshi,natwar,sahni,.)give , some hint and who runs which hotel(Indian court, American court,.) asked ans D D D C in that order in our paper :ANSWER THIS Q ( I think this was an important question) 10 If in a test 1 mark is for correct answer ,what negative mark should be kept for nullifying the correct answers a.1/4 b.1/2 c.3/4 d ans=1/4 11 A wins B by 28 meters or (some) seconds( time) the A is ahead of B

Ittiam Systems (P) Ltd Placement Paper

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