Company: InfoSystems

Company Name: ITM

Interview Type: Fresher Job Interview, Question Paper.

51. TRACHUMA is a disease of the ?
a. Eyes
b. Liver
c. Lungs
d. Kidney

52. The atmospheric layer that reflects radio waves is
a. Troposhere
b. Stratosphere
c. Ionosphere
d. Exosphere

53. After returning from South Africa, Gandhiji launched his 1st successful Satyagrah in ______.
a. Chauri Chaura
b. Bardoli
c. Champaran
d. Dandi

54. Which pair of disease may result if a child is deficient in protein?
a. Kwashiorkar & Pellagra
b. Kwashiorkar & Rickets
c. Kwashiorkar & Ostomalacia
d. Kwashiorkar & Marasmus

55. Fourth- Estate means?
a. The Judiciary
b. Central Government
c. The Press
d. The Police

56. Which street is famous for Stock Exchange Mkt. ?
a. Broadway,NewYork
b. Downing Street, London
c. Fleetstreet, London
d. Wal Street, New York

57. Men’s wear brand Raymond is owned by
a. Bombay Dying
b. Reliance
c. Indian Rayon
d. None

58. Banking solutions company ‘I-flex’ is owned by
a. Stand Chart Grindlays
b. Deutsche Bank
c. ABN Amro
d. None

59. Who heads the Kinetic group?
a. Brij Mohan Munjal
b. Y S Kim
c. Sulajja Motwani
d. None of above

60. C.S.Rao is chairman of which among the following organization ?
b. CII

(Qs. 61-65) Shilpi is preparing blends of coffee to serve at dinner. Each blend must be prepared with 2 Varieties of beans chosen from varieties J, K, L & M and 3 varieties of beans chosen from Q, R, S, T & U.The blends are prepared according to these rules: J & K can’t be used together. L & R can’t be used together. Q & R can’t be used together. S & Q can’t be used together.

61. If Shilpi chooses J to be in the blend, all of the following blends are possible except
a. J, K, Q, R, U
b. J, K, Q, T, U
c. J, K, R, S, U,
d. J, K, R, T, U

62. What is the total number of blends containing both varieties L & S that can be prepared?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

63. Which of the following can’t be included with L?
a. K
b. Q
c. S
d. T

64. If J, K & U have been blended together, which of these can’t be present?
a. R
b. Q
c. S
d. None