Ittiam Placement Paper

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1 A 5 digit number is appended with 7(on right of units place) and multiplied by 5 then the result is similar to intial no with 7 on the left most digit (most significant digit). Find the 3rd digit in the initial number
ans = abcde7
* 5
Therefore, e=5, b=8, c=2
answer: c=2

ans: I wrote E ( because it is one, two, three, four, five…)

3 abcdefghij
a=no of zeros in the no
b= no of ones in the no
c= no of twos
so on
wht is the sum of digts
ans 10
number is 6210001000

4 of a no +2/3 of another no =3/8 of sum
wht is their ratio
ans: 3:7

5,6,7,8 9 four q? on some gre type analytical it was abt some 4 family runs a 4 restaurant name of husband (jai, jayesh, Parikh,bipin, Bala), wife(beena, chand, preethi, sangeetha, Maya) and their familyname (joshi,natwar,sahni, Bakshi, xx)give , some hint and who runs which hotel(Indian court, American court, Jet airlines) a
ans D D D C in that order in our paper :ANSWER THIS Q ( I think this was an important question)

7 If in this question 1 mark is for correct answer ,what negative mark should be kept for nullifying the correct answers

8 In a km race, A wins B by 28 meters or 9 seconds( time), then how much time did A take to finish the race
Ans 4 min 20 sec

9 Given 2 circles of radius R1 & R2. how many rotations will the smaller circle have to make a full revolution around the circle with radius R1.
R1 R2
ans (r1+r2)/r2

10 An equlateral triangle and its circumcircle..what is the probability that a line drawn inside this circle is longer than the side of the equilateral triangle
ans =1/3(?)

11 given wt 1,3,9,27 how many different weights can u weigh
ans 40

12 43 players play some knock out game . how many games should be conducted to declare a winner
ans 42

15A man traveling to a ststion at a speed of 5 km/h misses a train by 7 mins and if he travels at a speed of 6 km/h, he reaches the station 5 minutes early. How far should he travel to catch the train?
ans 6 km

16 whats the minimum number of circles which have to be moved to convert the first figure into the second figure
0 0000
00 000
000 00
0000 0
ans 3

13 a boy has transfered 100 glass from one palce to another the owner puts a condition tht if he delivers safely he gets 3 paise for each glass and he would forfeit 9 paise for every broken glass. He loses some glass and gets Rs.2.40/- wht are the no of broken glass
ans 5

Ittiam Placement Paper

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