Jataayu is a company which looks for candidates with very strong programming skills (preferably in C/C++) and commitment.

The entry level test involves four round.

1st round is an aptitute test/multiple choice C question test. There will be 40 questions in 1hr. Aptitude test will comprise of all kind of analytical and quantitative questions. Choice of questions is very crucial. The C section will have multiple choice, so it should not pose any problems.

2nd round – It will comprise of subjective C questions. It will be a 100 marks test. For eighty marks you will have to write two/four programs. These programs will surely involve command line questions, file operations but no complex data structures. They will test you for your analytical skills. Only writing the correct code is not enough, program efficiency, optimization and memory optimization will be awarded. For the rest 20 marks, you will be required to answer 10 general questions such as who is your favorite programmer, what would you have been if not programmer.. etc. Do the programming first, then answer these, because these questions have weightage only in interview and are not considered for clearing this round.

3rd round – Be prepared for a tough time here.This can be a 15 minutes to 1hr test. Prior to the interview, you will be asked to rate yourself ( on a scale of 10) in areas of your expertise or on any programming language. Then you will be asked a lot of concept based questions in that perticular field/language. Few codes will be asked. They will ask quesitons regarding final year project. Your interests. In this round be confident, and show that your learnability is high and you simply love coding.

4th round – This is a general HR round. Answer all the questions honestly, don’t be surprised if they are taking notes of what you are speaking. What you speak goes onto record. People are not eliminated from this round.

5th round – Final HR – Now here is your chance. This interview is taken by the Head of HR himself. Be at your best polite and pleasant behaviour. This person has got 20+ years of tech experience, so basically he is techie at heart. So he might ask a few tech questions. But in both HR rounds, try to reflect that you are a very commited candidate and you are looking for long time commitment with the company.

All the best to you all !! Juno.


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