J&B SOFTWARE Placement Paper


Dear Friends

I got placed in j&b software. I would like to tell you about my interview experience there.

They asked me from OOPS and C. Then they asked me questions from my project and how i implemented it. I answered it well. I even told them about the coding part. I did make a mistake by saying i forgot. that should be avoided. Then they asked me whether i can work wit Delphi… though i donno Delphi i said i can learn and then work on it. I guess that was okay…. then the HR round. It was an usual HR round the HR asked me to tell about my profile then asked me if i can joing immed. then i said yes. So finally i got through. So please do not lose hopes…everyone will get a job for sure… Wish u all the very best for your future!!

J&B SOFTWARE Placement Paper

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