Kanbay Placement Paper

Company: kanbay

The selection took place in three rounds each of which was an elimination round.
1)Written Test
2)Group Discussion
3)Personal Interviews
Each section contained 30 questions.The cut-off was 12 marks in each section which was clearly announced before the exam started.1 Mark was awarded for each correct answer.1/4 Mark was deducted for each wrong answe

The questions given below were all that could be reproduced from all the 3 sets together.

Average of 5 innings is 20. If four innings are 32, 10, 40 and 12 find the 5th inning score.

Area of path around a square is 256 sq.m. Find the width of path if the side of square is 30m.

A company increases the bonus 3 times of its 50 employees. What is the % increase in bonus?

A man swims in a river 5 min upstream and 5 min downstream. Starting at A and ending at B. What is the speed of the man?

NESTIN is a jumbled word. What are the first and last letters of the correct word.

There is enough material to fence 30m linear. Also there is old fence on oneside of the plot. Find the length and breadth of the plot.

In a game of Snooker A gives B 18 points for 90, A gives C 10 points for 60. How many can C give B in a game of 70?

C is the daughter of B. h is the brother of C. F is the father of C. G is the son of F. D is the brother of F. What is the relationship between C and D?

A moves 25km North and then finds that she is movin the wrong way. She then takes a right turn and moves 2km. Then again she takes a right turn and moves 25km. How much distance does she have to travel to now reach the starting point?

Some cats are good. Some cats are black.

Gold is 19 times heavier than water. Copper is 9 times heavier than water. In what ratio should they be mixed so that the alloy is 15 times heavier than water?

A sphere of radius r is placed inside a cylinder of height 2r which just fits. What is the Volume of the empty space?

A is 3 times as old as B. B is 4 years older than C. If C is Z years old express A in terms of Z.

A is punctual. All punctual are on time.

Conclusion to be chosen from the given multiple choises.

a_ _ _baccba_ _ _aa

Srikanth has borrowed Rs 3000 at 10% C.I.. He has to repay that after 3 years in 3 equal installments. How much does he have to pay as an installment?

Given a date and day, the question was to calculate the day of the date June 12, 1979.

The weight of a Bucket full of water is 17 kg, the weight of the same bucket with half full water is 13.5 kg. What is the weight of the Bucket?

In a party attended by boys and girls where the girls outnumbered the boys Rs 280 was distributed. Each boy was given Rs 10 and each girl Rs 20. How many boys are there?

10% of an army died. 10% of the were ill. 12% of the rest met with an accident. What is the total number of the original army if 7 lakhs were finally left?

A started a business with Rs 1700 amount. B joined A after 3 months , C joined after 6 months. If the profit is Rs 1700 and they shared it in the Ratio of 2:3:5 how much did B and C invest?

A beats B by 24m. A beats C by 20m. C beats B by 1 sec. In how many seconds does A complete the race of distance 120m.

VIJAY is coded as YLMDB. STOP is coded as VWRS.
A few questions were given based on this code.

9 3 6
2 ? 1
4 7 8

20 15 10
15 10 5
10 ? 10

Which is larger Rs 35 : Rs 1.40 or Rs 48 : Rs 1.44

A started a business with Rs 1700 amount. B joined A after 3 months , C joined after 6 months. If the profit is Rs 1700 and they shared it in the Ratio of 2:3:5 how much did B and C invest?

In a group of people 600 are Non-veg and 400 are Veg. Of these 150 are both Non-Veg and Veg. In the Non-Veg 300 eat Mutton and 400 eat Chicken.(i) Find the number of people who eat only Non-Veg Mutton.(ii) Who eat only Veg.

In a wall clock the smaller needle is between 8 and 9 and the larger makes a right angle with it. Find the exact time.

If the temperature increases uniformly from 9 am to 2 pm and it increases from 21 C to 36 C. What is the temperature at noon?

Place a word in the brackets such that it makes a meaningful suffix to the first part and a meaningful prefix to the second part.
TEM (_ _ _ _) ERS

A monkey climbs 3m of a greased pole in 1 minute and then slips 1m in the next. When will he reach the top of the pole of 12 m?

The Alphabet that is 3 from the right to the letter between K and S.

Length and Breadth of a Rectangle are 100 m and 6 m. Find the area of a road around the rectangle with a width of 5m.

Find the figure with the highest Area
i)Circle with r=2.
ii)Equilateral Triangle with Side = 4.
iii)Square of diagonal =2.
iv)Triangle with a=8, b=5 and c=4.

A boat moves 10 km upstream and returns to the same point in 45minutes. The speed of the stream is 3km/hr. The speed of the boat is ?

Given an Equilateral triangle of side 10m. A cow is tied to one end. The length of the rope is 7 m. The area covered by the cow is ?

A is 7th from the left, B is 9th from the right, if they exchange A is 11th from the left. The total number of persons is?

A person moves 5 km East, turns right moves 4 km and then turns right again and moves 5 km. What is the position of the person from the starting point?

If PLEASE is coded as RMIGKI, then SLEEP is coded as ______

If TRUCK = 25 and DERIVE = 36 , What is CAPTAIN ?

A rectangular field of length 30 m and breadth 18 m. A carpet of 20 cm width is to be used to cover the field. The carpet costs 0.50ps per metre. What is the total cost of carpeting?

A person travels 20km towards North, he takes left and travels for 15km, then he takes left and travels for 20km. In what direction is the travelling now?

A train goes from A to B at 50 km/hr and comes back at 40 km/hr and hence takes an hour more time to return. What is the distance between A and B?
Q45)D/23, 17/F, I/12, 8/M, R/5

Kanbay Placement Paper

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