Kanbay Placement Paper

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Aptitude pattern.

This time the pattern was different there was no problem from time and work time and distance profit and loss simple interest .compound interest Trains boats and streams ..pipes..my advice is to be prepared with all the topics from RS Agarwal . and also of icet pattern


Trigonometry(4) quadratic equations(2) .progressions(1) areas (3) LCM(1) ..arithmatic reasoning was also given in maths section it had 3 r 4 bits .stocks shares(4) basic arithmatic ages .averages matrices.probability.permutations deductions .conclusions number and alphabet series .clocks ..calenders..etc etc

square root of 20.8849 Ans 4.57

roots of the equation are 4 and 11

If 3sin@+5cos@=5.then find the value of (3sin@-5Cos@)2

There are 6 people A B C D E F.each of them have 10 marbles with them.Then A and B take 4 marbles each from D and E.then C gives 3 marbles to F.then gives away the marbles to C back and two more statements 3 questions on this.

How many marbles E had

Who had one more marble than F

The average of scores of 40 innings of A is 50. The highest score is 178 more than the least score .If those two are removed then the average of the remaining 38 innings is 40 Then the value of the least score is .numbers r not same but the model is

The sum of the ages of sohan sunil and sanjay is 60 yrs .6 yrs before sohans age was two thirds of sunil and half of sanjay.find the age of sanjay

Some amount of money has to be shared between A B C .the amount is 1500(not sure).A share is two ninghts of that of B and C .B share is three elevenths that of A and c togheter find the shares of A B C Ans first option 280 330

There is a building of height 500m. The angles of depressionn of the top of the building with the top and bottom of the tower are 30 and 45..Find the height of the tower ans 200( don t remember)

There are two persons standing in front of tower of height 300m..the angles of elevation are 30 and 60 find the distance between the two people Ans 21.96

matrix was given
x+2 x+3 x+4
x+3 x+5 x+11
x+7 x+12 x+14 find the determinant of the matrix

A B C 6

* F E



_ _ _ _ 8 the letters are not exactly the same but the numbers 6 and 8 are correct 4 auestions based on this

What is the least number when subtraced frm 23 51 37 29 gives the result as 0

Some question was given on stocks and shares..it was very big.and then 4 questions based on this ..

One more on trignometry consiting of some tan@

One more on complex numbers consisting of some alpha4beta4+alpha beta ..find the complex root

If X4+3X3+X2+1=0 then find the value of x3+2×2-1 question not exactly same but model is same

Two points were given (1,0,0) and (1,1,0). Find the perpendicular distance

Find the length of the wire required to tie around a square 15 times whose area is 30 hectares

Find the amount of water that can be filled in a pipe of diameter 8 cm and length some value

There are 101 natural numbers find the ratio of the sum of even numbers to the sum of odd numbers ans (51:50)

There are 500 students out of which 320 eat fish and 250 eat eggs..and 150 eat both..find the number of students who neither eat fish nor eat eggs

There are 6 boys and 4 girls .A committee of 5 is to be formed ..find the no of ways in which it can be formed in such a way that it includes at least 2 girls

Series ——-4, 9, 25,_,169, 361

a .49 b.81 c.121 d e none
The letters from A-Z are written cyclically in the reverse orderin such a way that A=Z, B=Y, C=X, , Z=A.

What is the code for MANAGEMENT.

What is the code for( some word is given) we need to find the answer be careful the answer here is not INTERNET ..the last letter is different

What is the code for ISRO

If P* Q denotes P is father of Q .If P=Q denotes P is the sister of Q and 3 more conditions like this and 4 questions on this

A person starts walking to his home..first he walks 5 m northeast an then turns right n walks 5 m south east and then turns right and walks 5 m southwest and then turns right and finally walks 5 km north west..how far is he from starting point.

Kanbay Placement Paper

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