kanbay Placement Paper

Company: kanbay

Pattern of Kanbay.
firs it was offcampus on 7th and 8th march in indore.

Kanbay selection process has 3 rounds
1. written
2. GD
3. HR interview (no tech interview)

in written it has 2 section first is maths n second is LR. both section hav 30 qs.
total time is of 75 min. u can solve any qs. it has sectional cutoff. they told cutoff of 12marks in each section but they will increase it up to 15 . make sure u must attain at least 16 qs in each section. it also have negative marking of .25. also there is uper cutoff so dont attamt more than 25 qs even if u can. LR section is quite easy. so first attampt that first. maths is tough n time consuming. they also hav more than one set.

maths section contain qs from trignamatory. probability, purmentation combination n evenone paper hav many qs on quadratic eqations. so prepare that also and there are previous papers available on various sites because i think some of qs repeated.

after clearing written I had GD on same day at 9.30 pm. we are 9 people. in some group there r 10 to 12 people also. in GD they ask for topic from us. we choose topic “privatisation of indian railways” it was ideal GD. so that out of 9 8 got selected.

so in GD the important thing is u do not make fish market. they were selecting 7 to 8 in each group. but in some group they select only 1 or 2 just because they were not following GD rule.

they called me for interview on next day at 4 pm. my turn came at 6 pm. there was only HR interview. there were 3 panels. 2 of them asking tech qs one only asking HR qs. so it depends upon ur panel. so it is better u prepare ur project. because they r asking qs from project.from CS n IT preson they asked qs from java n other tech.

my interview lasted only fr 10 to 15 min. they asked abt family background n educaton. my project strength n weakness.
i thought i was out but at last i see my name in selected candidate list. i saw it 3 to 4 times tan only i realised i got selected(at last).
again thanx to all n best of luck.

kanbay Placement Paper

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