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L&T Infotech Placement Paper

Company: L&T Infotech

hi ppl, this was my 9th interview i was attending.. and i am from Sri venkateswara col of engg. the whole procedure was held at the l and t office itself… there were around 88 of them attending the interview..

1) Aps
2) GD
3) Tech
4) HR

so aps was not that difficult.. managing the time is very important.. there is no need of preparing any problems .. it was very simple.. jus ur presence of mind is more than enough.. ok then the aps was conducted and it went on for 1 hour 30 min … then they collected the answer sheet .. after 1 hour they annouced the results.. there were only 9 who were shortlisted..

Then we were taken to a room where gd is to be held.. my topic was IS INTERNET ADVANTAGE OR NOT,, the person who came to me was very cooll.. so we are 9 totally.. we were made to sit in a round table,.. then he asked is this topic ok for all of u.. then he gave some 2 min for us to prepare.. then it started.. as usual it started as a fish market.. every one was shouting.. then after some time i also spoke confidently.. almost everyone spoke well.. there is no mistake in any.. then the person asked us to leave and take the lunch.. he said after ur lunch ur resluts.. i really thought that he is reject 1 and on the max 2..

But there was a disaster.. after we had our lunch we came… only 4 were selected from the gd all others are rejected.. then 4 ppl were given the form to filll .. it ll take min of half an hour..At this moment only i believed that this is a rejecton round.. so be careful/.. it was really very big… fill this form very very carefullly..

then we were asked to come for tech.. and all 4 of us attended the interview.. it was held around half an hour for each.. and after the end.. only 2 got through that.. so finally me and other person went for hr… i thought that there is no more rejection after this..

The hr went went for 10 min.. then we both have finished and waiting for the results.. but my god only 1 got selected.. they gave the offter letter imme and asked to sign.. it contained all the salary package..

so folks don worry . jus be cool .. i think luck is a big factor… this was my 9 th company.. so don lose hope…see u all..

L&T Infotech Placement Paper

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