This is Sreedhar rao M.Tech (Structural Engg), IIT Guwahati. Here I am giving you brief discussion about GE.

Question Paper

Part 1: Aptitude, 10 questions (10 marks) this is common for all branches.

Part 2: Stress, 10 Technical questions (10 marks) this is common for Civil/Mechanical. Don’t expect much about written test. It is very simple without preparation, you can clear written.

In apptitude simple questions on flow chart based question, one question on numbers (just solving two equations, you can get answer), one question on cost and price, questions on time and work, one question on train (the length of train is 1.5 km and the time taken to cross 1km bridge is 10sec. If the bridge is 2km. How much time the same train to cross the bridge?). Finaly all were numericals. One more question:

Some of the reciprocals of two numbers is 1/12 and difference is 1/24 then find the smaller number of them? Better look at R.S. Aggarwal once. No questions on English.

In tecnical paper, as name suggests that it was completely on stress calculations. Simple numericals on hoop stress, formula for equavalent bending moment, principle stress diagram was given that sigma1=200Mpa, sigma2=-100Mpa and find pricipal strain?(E=250Mpa,nu=0.25). One diagram was given which was having steel and copper and options were given to choose which material will be subjected to tension and compression. Simple question on springs, spring has stiffness ok, if the spring was cut into 2 pieces what about the stiffness.

One question on ratios of solid and hollow shafts. See the text book once. One simple question on natural frequency, A cantilever beam is having weight 10N at free end. Find the natural frequecy?

I got 6/10 in aptitude, 8/10 in tech. I went for the interview. He asked me about my thesis work. Some simple questions on thesis work. I answered all expect one. I was thinking for that question. He asked me to leave that question. Then he moved to ask questions on mechanics. I answered 50% of mechanics questions. I was eliminated in techincal interview. Only two were placed in GE. One from mechanical and one fron structure. Some of my friends were also eliminated in HR round also.

The persons, who are working in complete finite element anlaysis have better chances to get placed in GE. My experience my help you in future. GE pay package was 6.35 lacs in hand.

All the best my friends.

Latest Placement Papers mncs GE aptitude test by placement papers mncs
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Latest placement Paper in GE by placement papers mncs
Latest placement Paper in GE
Latest placement Paper in GE

Latest placement Paper in GE
Type : Aptitude – General
Test Location : IIT Kharagpur

The selection process is

1) Written test
2) Technical interview
3) HR interview

The first paper of the written test is of Aptitude (10 Questions) of 20 mins and the second one is based upon you are background (Myself being a mechanical engg: I have selected Heat Transfer/CFD) and it consists of 12 questions (20 mins).

There is no negative marking

These are the questions given to us
In aptitude

1) First problem is related to ratio.(easy one)

2) The sum of 2 numbers is 24. If the twice of the square of the smaller one is 4 more than square of the larger one. Find the numbrs?

3) Boat problem (Speed of boat in still water is given, for a same time distance of upstream and downstream is given). Find the speed of the stream?

4th and 5th problem on angles
Sixth one is logarithm prblm (easy one)

7) 2^x= 7^y= 14^z ,z=? (in terms of x and y) ans if xy/(x-y)

8) A rectangle of 3780 m and 4800 m. What are the minium number of square tiles to fill the rectangle of a given area.
Ans: Take HCF of two numbers, that is the minimum side of the square. Divide it you’ll get the answer Coming to the Technical section (among the options of Stress, (Heat Transfer) CFD, Chemical/CFD, Electrical ), i have selected Heat Transfer (CFD)
Out of the 12 questions 6- 7 questions were very easy like

If pr>1
Which bl is greater
Thermal boundary layer or hydrodynamic bl
T increases How K varies for solids and gases
For a finite parallel the radiation will depend on

Some heat transfer problems and few CFD problems in central difference scheme what is the criteria for stability?

I didn’t got selected for the interview.
So i am sharing my experience.
All the best Guys