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L&T Infotech Placement Paper & Interview

Company: L&T Infotech

This is Manohar eddy B, from Anantapur(AP). I am from Madanapalli institute of technology and science from EEE 2010 passed out. I attended the L&T inftech walkin at Bangalore on 24 th October 2010. I want to share my experience which i gained to complete all the rounds successflly.

Actually the walkin is for two days.

23rd and 24th of October on 23rd my friend told that actually some problem happened on that day due to that much strength. I not never expected this.

I attended on 24th October. I expected the same strength on that day also as it happened around 15000 students attended for written even you are fearing right? Just think what is my position. Actually it is a do are die situation for me. I hope you understand actually it has three rounds

Total Attended: 15000 (Aproximately)

Written cleared: 1500

GD cleared: 700

HR cleared: 150 (May be less than that i don’t know perfectly)

1) Written

2) GD

3) Technical+HR

Written Test :

* Aptitude
* Logical
* Verbal.

In my view it is very very easy but you will be fit with all the formulae that are in R.S Aggarwal practice all the chapters as you, you have to complete every question with in one minute. Because time is the major factor at this point of time. If you manage time youcna crack it.

Sorry Guys i dont remember the questions. Don’t worry i’m here, after preparing the following topics refer all the previous papers It’s more than enough this is very important don’t forget this.

The topics which you have to cover:

– -> Problems on numbers.
– -> Ages
– -> Problity
– ->Percentages
– -> Races(1)
– -> Permutations n comb
– -> Ratios
– -> mixture.

For the remaining two sections there is no need for much preparation just know the concepts. Hey wait. Thorough with Syllogosim, actually around 12 questions from this topic.

Actually there is sectional cut off which they are keeping in previous walk in. As i studied in that papers. But not this time very are lucky.

They asked to attempt min of 60 questions in 1 hour time.

I answered all the 90. I don’t want to take any chance. My frends who wrote 60 questions aren’t cleared so please attended as many as possible.

Ok they said that it is the only written they are conducting on that day. So they asked all of us to leave. Only selected candidates will receive the mail with in two days.

I’m pretty confident that i will clear written. But some tension is there as that many students attend.

At last my God. I Cleared written. I Got a mail on 26th evening. 4:30 pm. You know i didn’t seen the mail. My in search of a new room in Bangalore. But really God is there before sleeping i don’t know what happened. Just i opened my mail as net is available in my room. Just i opened(10:30).

Guys you know i cleared written. Out of 15000 only 1500 cleared i’m the one in them. But my happiness is for only one minute. Because i want to go to the GD the very next day at 9 am. Which i have to take one form which they sent through mail.

They given one form attached in that. I’ve to go with that form. All Netcafe closed. Ok Ok i started preparation at 12 o’clock for GD. Just i prepared for previous topics and i slept only for 1 hour.

And finally my GD. I shocked that i was in the first batch. Shit wath is this Man!
Ok Ok i kept my nerves very cool it helps a lot. Go on hour prior to your time and just spoke to every one who are there. Really it helps you to feel free.(Just try once)

12 students in my batch.

They asked to decide one topic among ourslef. You know all guys came with full preparation. If you agree with them then you will finished. I rejected all the topics. Which very discussed. You have to do. It’s a must because i’m without preparation.

Then interview asked ok Guys are you ready. Then i replied that here we are having all 12 different ideas IT will be better for us if you give the topic.

There I got impressed. Ok use your chances if you don’t have any you have to create chances and one more what you have to do is you have to sit very straight to interview. So that IT will be better for you. As my brother said that. I did IT. i got a seat that interview is very straight to me.
OK then given topic that (Is GD necessary for a recruitment process).

Yeah I got confidence that i can through some points.
My sincere request is try to initiate(Speak first). If your initiated well, means you cleared GD. As i did. I initiated and let them speak. Don’t quarrell. They will watch every movement of you. Very important be involved. That by shaking head and don’t use informal languages(Ya, Da, Etc).

I spoke for times in between with different points. Then they asked to conclude every one in only one minute time for all. I concluded based on all of our ideas. So i’m a bit tensed that i’m not initiated that much well. But the other three points i spoke really well. They asked to wait for five minutes. They said the names my name is there 5 names out of 12.

Mahohar is one among them. This is my first GD i cleared. I never participated in any of the GD in my college so be confident no problem.

I become one of the confident persons in the world at that time. You know out of 1500 only around 500 cleared GD.

So there is no interview on that day!

They asked to come with preparation for technical+HR on 29 morning 8:30 am sharp.

I got 2 days for preparation. I prepared as my socks off the interview. Really i prepared very well. I prepared for every word in my resume. Do that they may ask for any thing. Hey just one thing. After completing GD they asked to submit your marksheets with that form. Please take care while filling the form.

HR will ask completely based on that, not you resume. Even they don’t see your resume.

I don’t want to loose ITso i want to be Damn good.

I prepared well and my cracking secret is i gone for mock interivew with my friends, atleast i given 30 times mock interview to my friends. As they are the interview and my answered the questions which they asked.

Thanks for their co-operation. (My brother Siva(Adobe) as he don’t have any time but he contributed his time, and my friends this Buddy played a crucial role thanks hero Naveen(TCS), Anudeep(HCL) and last but not least my G.S).

So at last my interview.

A part from my prepartation i was a bit tensed in the morning. I again gone for mocking with my brother and my friends at morning 7 am sorry guys.

Hey don’t feel boring it will get you confidence. Really go for IT. Try it you will difinetly succeed.

HR: Called My name.
Me: Yes sir.

We went inside for HR room, two HRs one technical and one HR
Hey there are so many panels it’s based on you luck to which panel your going for.

One panel only technical, One panel only HR, and my panel both so be prepared. Two interviews for me. I gone for Technical+HR panel.

Way going to seat i asked first seat. oh shit event i feel very shy of that and when i taken seat i was searching resume in my file in that time he offered hank.

HR: Ok Sathish where are you from?
Me: Told(Anantapur) which is in AP near to Hyderabad.

HR: He asked me is it near to Y S R native?
Me: Our great leader i replied yes sir,

HR: Tell me about yourself.
Me: Blasted a dynamite there as i prepared very well. My tension gone here. I was very eager for a next question maintain this. It shows interest on interview.

HR: Ok Sathish you told that your father is a general merchant in ATP, don’t you go for business. Why Softwar?
Me: At that time he don’t have many resources as very have. So he strugged a lot for studying the three of us. He want all of us to be in a better position in the society good! right.

HR: By seeing that filled form. Your brother is in Adobe and you in L N T and your younger Brother studying IT why?
Me: Yes sir, We like software field very much! We want to enter in to this dynamic world.

HR: Your branch is electrical and electronics then. You like electrical are electronics
Me: Electrical for sure sir.

HR: Then he asked me electronics question, what is vracter diode?
Me: I know up to some extent. told.

HR: Can you tell me one application.
Me: Tried and said don’t know sir, IT shows your honest

HR: Do you know about Why transformer stepping down is haping?
Me: Yes sir, blasted again as i’m very perfect on my subjects.

HR: Ok tell me about power losses?
Me: This time thousand waala big blast. I explained with formulae

HR: Ok Ok then what ECE subjects you come across in your B.Tech.
Me: Told all the subjects. But feared and expected some questions. Finally no questions.

HR: Ok what computer subjects you studied?
Me: C, Computer Organisation, and DBMS sir.

HR: Computer Organisation delayed. I expected questions here and got tensed, because i don’t know co very well.

HR: Ok then he asked in C. I have two variables on interview and one float, How o will get the result explain program.
Me: Very simple, truly speaking me perfect in C. Blasted ten minutes for this simple question.

HR: Y L N T?
Me: Prepared another Balst for five minutes. One comedy happend here. I don’t want to share with you. This is only for my frineds.

HR: Ok Sathish. You mentioned Chennai as your preferred location. But we will sent to another branches then.
Me: I will defently so sir, even if you throw me any where in India. I will go for IT sir,

HR: As a professional we can’t throw you, we just send you.(With a cute simle).
Me: With a 100000000MW smile. Ok sir

HR: Both HRs are discussed. Ok Sathish any questions for me?
Me: do i want to go for any training before joining in to L&T?

HR: Not at all! replied in a polite manner.
Me: Ok sir,

HR: Another HR why your asking like that is there any talk outside that L&T is not providing training?
Me: No sir my friends asked that it will be better for you if you go for training.

HR: Ok your asking for your friends sake.
Me: Yes sir, don’t answer like this. I answered because I’m a big stupid.

HR: Offered me a shake hand.
Me: This time i’m ready for that shuk firmly. Have a nice day sir. For both of them

HR: Ok bye Manohar.

I was very tensed because i did several mistakes. But answered questions very very confidently. It was my day Naveen told one prayer song for me with this prayer song I’m a waiting for the results. You know they are calling in a way that after calling all the names they told that they are rejected.

Three batches nearly 45 students are rejected. My friend is also there. Sorry dude.

And they are calling another batch my name was called i thought it was all over. Tears came out of my eyes.

You know my God i’m selected. I’m the happiest person in the world at that time.

Dont’ forget that every one will get the job but in a little bit of time. It’s all depends on how much you contribute on work. really yaar you belive are not i struggled a lot. To get placed.

Almighty i placed in L&T family.

L&T Infotech Placement Paper & Interview

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