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L&T Infotech Placement Paper & Interview

Company: L&T Infotech

I m Muktar Ali Ansary from DAVV, Indore doing M.Sc(CS). L&T Infotech came 2 d IPS Academy, our college also participated in the process. Around 1500+ students from 57 college came 4 dat. There were 3 rounds

1)Aptitude Test(30 questions), Logical Reasoning(30 questions), English(30 questions).

There were total 90 questions to be answered in 90 mins. Guys do prepare percentage very well from RS Aggrawal’s quanta. Questions were from the topics.
Sectional cutof mark was there. So guys time management is very important. in 30 min 24/25 apti question is enough after that just switch to next section.
what I did- 25 apti,23-reasioning,20-English.
Graphs (5 ques)
Probs on ages
Time and work.
Questions were easy but a bit lengthy n time taking.

LR was easy. RS Aggrawal’s non-verbal is sufficient. It had questions from :
Blood relations
Series completion
Statements and assumptions
Questions with figure given to count total no of triangle, lines etc.

Last section was also easy. Please always try to attempt the passage because it’s very easy. Question were from :
Odd one out
Fill the appropriate words
Choose the incorrect part of a sentence.
Replace the line if necessary.s
Some questions from passage.

AP series (72+70+68+…+40)=?

A boat travels at 30k.m/hr upstream and 40 k.m/hr downstream.What is the speed of the boat in still water?
Man buys two xyz for Rs. 1250/- each. One is sold at 15% loss of actual value. At what price must 2nd article be sold to gain 25% overall?

Problem on ages

Two taps A and B can fill up a tank in 15 mins.and 21 mins. respectively They are opened together and after 4 mins A is closed. In how much time B will fill up the remaining part?

If x^2-4x+7<=0 and x>=2 then x lies between i)0<=x<=1 ii)x<1 friends one thing keep in mind keep your watch always in front of u. so that u can see the time. And believe paper was easy but time consuming, be fast. GD I was the first to initiate the gd. my topic was “celebrity should be punished or not”. other topics in other panel were Global warming, women are better manager, fake encounter, nuclear deal. I want to say keep prepare some recent hot topics. that solve not more than that. Sometime they may ask for extempo or presentation of 1 minute but in our case it was totally gd. In my panel there were 15 students and 13 got selected, after that they gave us a 4 pages form to fill. Friends at the time of filling the form it should not contradict with ur resume like objective, strength, weakness. because keep in mind that they will ask questions from that form only. ok HR/Technical I was the 13/14 number student Hr>Tell me about urself
Hr>Do u have any knowledge of hardware. me: yes sir
Hr>Do u know linux
Me>I explained my projects very well.
Hr>He told me great.
Hr>U have any questions
Me>Shall I need to do any extra courses, or programming language
Hr>He explained
Me>Aagain I ask about work culture.
Then he told, u may go.

My interview ended in 15/25 min. I was told that result will be declared Tomoro 12 noon. on that night it was very tough time for me. when result declared my name was in the 1st no.

Only 35 students got selected from 2008 batch and 131 from 2007 batch.
don’t worry, talk very confidently, they see ur fluency in English

L&T Infotech Placement Paper & Interview

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