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L&T Infotech Placement Paper

Company: L&T Infotech

I am Ranjeev Poddar, passed out this year from G.H Raisoni College of Engg., Nagpur. L&T Infotech had come for Campus placement for the 2007 batch. 506 ppl appeared for the Aptitude test. out of which only 96 cleared it. They conducted a Group Discussion from which they took 57.. Interview was on the next day(1st Sept)…Finally selected 36.

As it is said in the following given papers of L&T..There were 3 sets of question papers: White, Pink Yellow. Mine was White.90 mins, 90 questions. Questions for the Aptitude tests generally is set from R.S Agarwal.

If the company is coming in a very short notice, then please do not try to do all the sums from the book.. Do only the sums that are given at the starting of every chapters.
topics incl:- (figures are not exact)

1.The average age of a family 5yrs ago was 40.A baby is born in the family,and the average becomes 57.Wats the age of the baby?

2.The average of first 8 no. is 56 the avg of last four no. is 42.find the average of the remaining 2?

1. sum similar to that given in R.S Agarwal: pg 182..sum no.4

Profit and Loss:
3 sums were on that.I dont remember the sums.It was on horses. A man buys two horses for Rs 140each. One he sells at a loss of 25%. At wat price must he sell the other so that he gains 25% overall?
I am sorry other 2 i dont remember.

A simple sum…You can do it without the prep.

Ratio Proportion:
This was also simple…but i dont remeber it exactly.If u do R.S Agarwal well..this wont be a problem.

Very simple…just had to calculate the length of the train. problem was like:A train passing a railway platform at 100km/hr..lenghth of the platform is given…find the length of the train? This is given aplenty in R.S Agarwal.

Time and Distance:
Similar prob given in pg 386,R.S Agarwal:sum no.12.Police and thief problem.

3 sums on it….
1. a series like this…. 11,21,31,41….. 201, Find the sum of this series.
2.Three nos are there, whose product is 126. Sum 50.find the three nos.(hint: dont solve the problem, see the options.it saves time) Ch et anaS
3.a series in decreasing order…dont remember it…had to find the sum again.

Boats and Streams:
Avery simple problem…..formula based.Similar problem in R.S Agarwal:pg 425,sum no.1.

There were 2-3 problems whose ans can be optained directly from the options..No special prep needed for this.

Time and Work:
This is the most difficult chapter in any aptitude tests…i had left it..though i did the initial sums given at the begining of the chapter in R.S Agarwal.Question were based on these sums only.

Problem similar to pg no. 622,R.S Agarwal….sum no.5

Pie Chart:
A set of 4-5 questions were asked on a single pie chart…simple but with a bit lengthy calculation.Do this last.Mine was like…Mr.Agarwal has an income of 70000/- savings 30000…a pie chart given depicting diff. sectors of expenditure….and then there were questions.

Very very simple….Draw a set and then do….simple subtraction thats all….50 learn mathematics 60 learn english…calculate how many learn both…

Simple Interest:
Very simple….Do R.S Agarwal.

Total questions on Quants was 30…The main idea to crack this is to do the easy ones first. If there are 5-6 sums in the begining which cannot be solved then do the remaining. Do not waste time. Remember there is sectional Cutt-offs.

This section was full of syllogism…Pepare well.I did not study from any book,but as it is mentioned in the papers it would be helpful if you do the prep from R.S Agarwal’s Verbal & Non Verbal Resoning.People taking tutions for CAT..can prepare this from their respective study materials.

Please do this section at the last.Devote 40 mins for this section.And most importantly: before starting of the section check whether the easy questions are at last or at the begining….if the easy questions are at the last start solving from the last..otherwise vice-versa.

Very easy…anyone can crack. Have confidence…
there were words jumbled up…u need to sort the letters to find a new words.
Sets from which u have to find out certain parameters…doctors, artisans, writers.
(No special prep is needed…but yes some time is needed for logically solving it..presence of mind is the must).

The most easy section…the last question contained a comprehension on oceans and waves. questions’ answers were directly mentioned in the passage.
Sorting sentences such that a coherent sentences are formed. very simple.
Correct the gramatical errors…which part of the sentence has gramatical errors..etc.etc. please don’t waste time preparing this section if you are thorough with english. try and complete this section in 20 mins.

L&T personnels will ask the group to choose a topic. choose an easy topic and speak. if u donot speak you will be out. please do speak out. relevant or irrelevant. they will also ask to summarize opinions individually. be bold…be smart, and you will crack this too.

Mostly HR. testing your confidence. Please refer to the other question papers for the questions asked in he interview also.
After completing the G.D a form will be given out to fill-up.Points mentioned there must be the same points u will have to tell wen the same quetions are asked on it.

QUESTIONS ASKED TO ME….please prepare the ans. yourself because opinons may vary.
1.Introduce yourself.
2.Project description.
3.Wat is AM,FM?
4.Draw FM.
5.Which one is better?
6.Wat is Noise?
7.Wat is CDMA?
8.Wat is ur strength?
9.Wat is ur weakness?
10.Why L&T?
11.If after joining,a company offers double salary will u take their offer?
12.If a man comes without any clothes for the interview, will u take him if u are the interviewer?
13.Chief minister of the state u come from?
14.President of India
15.Vice president of India.
16.Diff between C and C++.
17.Wat is polymorphism, encapsulation, abstraction.?
18.Wat do you know abt L&T?
19.If u had any backlogs,they will ask u on that?(be prepared with an ans.)
20.If u have any questions to ask….

After sitting for 10 companies I was selected in L&t Infotech, which is my 11th. Never loose hope. It was only after I had passed out, I was selected. Be POSITIVE and have a ‘Kuch Kar Dikhana Hai’ Attitude. U will be a Winner.

L&T Infotech Placement Paper

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