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The question & answers based on this passage were given. There were 5 questions.
You shouldn’t expect the same passage to be given to you but we havw written down the questions to give you a general
view of the type of RC questions that you can expect
1. A reductive cycle is one in which
a. an employer attempts to reduce costs
b. the work-force is gradually reduced in number
c. costs decreases as….
d. there is less productive effort on the part of employees

Ans. (d)
2. If a substantial number of employees remain the reductive cycle one may assume that
a. the org. is enjoying increased business
b. the personnel dept….
c. the boss is not…
d. there is an unwholessome..

Ans. (a)
3. The passage indicates that unionisation of a worker…
a. opportunities for the workers realise..
b. opportunities for the workers to …
c. more please working…
d. greater fringe benifits include

Ans. (d)
4. According to the author management failures in supervision mainly attributable to
a. carrying…
b. a soft-hearted…
c. ignorance.
d. lack of consideration.

Ans. (d)
5. Employees will get together to seek an improvement of conditions because of dissatisfaction stemming from
i. social just
ii. economic
iii. moral decadence

a. i only
b. ii only
c. i and ii only
d. i & iii only

Ans. (d)


6. The monthly personal maintenance allowance for a family of an employee is determined by the average age of family and size of the family. Jacob was drawing rs.570 as PMA after he got married 6 years back.At present he draws Rs 720 as PMA with his family of 3 after the birth of son?
a. 2 years
b. 3 years
c. 4 years
d. 5 years

Ans. (d)
7. White collar sells a shirt for an amount. Due to off season sale white collar started offering a discount of 20% on tag price. come diwali, white collar offered a further discount of 10% on the reduced price. If i get the shirt for Rs 108 what was the original price?
a. Rs.180
b. 160
c. 145
d. none

Ans. (d)
8. A vertical stick 10-cm long casts a shadow 6 cm long on the ground under similar conditions a tower casts a shadow 10m long determine the height of the tower to the 2nd place of the decimal.
a. 16.67m
b. 17.70m
c. 16.8m
d. none

Ans. (a)
9. In the fig given below …… which curve rep.the monthly savage(the fig.cannot be recollected by the candidate)
a. LR
b. ST
c. PQ
d. none

Ans. (b)
10. Two poles of height 7m and 12m stand on a play ground. If the distance between their feet is 12m,find the distance between their tops.
a. 12m
b. 13m
c. 11m
d. none

Ans. (b)

11. saint : holiness : : mongol :
a. chinese
b. barbarity
c. tribal
d. courageousness

Ans. (d)
12. entomologist : insects : : ornithologist :
a. marine life
b. birds
c. wild life
d. astronomy

Ans. (b)

13. ostracize : exclude : :
a. war : death
b. shipping : transport
c. war : surrender
d. population : people

Ans. (a)

14. rain : downpour : : joy :
a. happiness
b. triumph
c. ecstasy
d. laughter

Ans. (b)
15. niggardly : generous : : dolorous :
a. understandable
b. practical
c. happy
d. ostentatious
Ans. (d) 


16. Which one of the following is venn diagram true.( 4 diagrams are there. )
17. In the given fig. (triangle.square.,circle)…
a. A
b. B
c. D
d. E

Ans. (b)
Direction : (18-20) :  In column one are listed certain groups of individual while in column 2 are listedsome of the characteristics against each group of individuals which are common to each member of that group
Coloumn1                                      Column 2
BCDFH                                           TU
DEGH                                             QRS
DEF                                                 PN
ACDE                                              NS
GDE                                                 PVQ
DEG                                                 VQRS
CDE                                                 VNO
BCD                                                 VTS
ABD                                                 PT
18. Which characteristcs are found either in ‘E’ or ‘F’ or in both but not in ‘H’?
a. QRS
b. NOP
c. PVT
d. UVW

Ans. (b)
19. Which character is common to ‘B’ &amp ‘C’ but is not present in ‘H’?
a. U
b. V
c. W
d. T

Ans. (a)
20. Which characteristics are common to ‘C’ &amp ‘E’ but are not present in ‘F’?
a. T,V
b. V,W
c. T,U
d. O,P

Ans. (d)

In the following questions mark the option that is nearest to the given word

21. Synonym for quixotic

a. rapid
b. exotic
c. longing
d. timid
e. idealistic

Ans. (e)
22. Antonym of recondite
a. unfriendly
b. easily comprehensive
c. closely juxtaposed
d. broad minded
e. sardonic

Ans. (b)
23. antonym of servile
a. moral
b. pue
c. futile
d. foul
e. haughty

Ans. (e)
24. Antonym of tacit
a. spoken
b. allowed
c. neutral
d. impertinent
e. unwanted

Ans. (a)
25. Synonym for macabre
a. musical
b. frightening
c. chewed
d. wicked
e. exceptional

Ans. (b)

26. Fran: i want to stay out of …
Sid:that’s not true…. 
a.  makes unfair demands on her students
b. only gives grades to a few favoured students
c. never gives out grades of A

Ans. (c)

For Q27 – 28 A small passage was given.
The answers though are the following
27. The major logical.weakness of the argument above is the fact that
a. it draws meaningful distinction between hands out and subsidies
b. it supports only the subsidy and does not provide the other side view.
c. it draws no meaningful distinction between hands out and subsidies
d. subsidies should not be given
e. none of the above

Ans. (c)
28. Which of the following persons would be most likely to disagree with the conclusions reached above argument
a. the president..
b. the patenee of a new device designed to make the widget absolute
c. the worker who worked with the patentee

Ans. (b)
29.- 30 (a small passage )
In a laboratory study,160 rabbits in an experimental group were injected with serum d, while 160 rabbits in a control group were injected with in two weeks, 39% of the experimental group rabbits had contracted jungle fever, a highly contagious and usually fatal disease therefore jungle fever must be caused by some substance similar to the substance
found in serum d
29. The above argument would be most greately strengthened if it were shown that
a. the normal…
b. 40% of ..
c. serum…
d. the blood of jungle fever victims invariably contains a high level of a certain toxic substance also

Ans. (d)
30. The above argument would be most seriously weakened if it were shown that
a. none of the rabbits in the experimental group had had jungle fever prior to the start of the experiment
b. the rabbits  in the experimental group had had jungle fever prior to the start of the experiment.
c. some of the rabbits in the experimental group had had jungle fever prior to the start of the experiment .
d. four of the rabbits had had jungle fever prior to the start of the experiment .
e. one of the rabbits in the experimental group had had jungle fever prior to the start of the experiment

Ans. (e)