Mastek Placement Paper

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hi, i am selected in Mastek .the general apti paper as follows———

There r 5 sections:

/adv java
5)Hardware & Networking.

Every Section is very tough and has cut off in every section.No Negative marking.

For section 1)
1) what is a smith chart used for
2) how is impedance matching done and why do we need it (basically can talk about ideal power supply needing a low internal resistance and high load to function properly. so one stage of transistor amplifier has to have low o/p resistance and high i/p resistance for next stage- do look up all basic electronics) ( also about sinking high currents without damage)
3) name all flipflops u know and working esp. master slave.
4) c progaming – program to find how many 1’s are present in an integer variable using bitwise operators. something about dynamic allocation, static functions, macros
5) c++ virtual functions
6) what types of control r there

For section 2)
1)what is method overloading
2)oop features and like tht

for sec 3)
1. what is an inode in unix?
2. small program in pascal to add a node to a linked list. (You have to tell what the program does)
3. C strcmp program (You have to tell what the program does)
4. set of dos commands testing basic familiarity with dir, ren *.t?t, cd etc.
5. what is the order of binary search?
6. what is the order of strassens matrix multiplication?
7. you have to maintain the sorted order of integers and insert integers . which data structure would you use? (tree, list, queue, array?)
8. There are two lists of integers to be merged. Which method would you not use?

for sec 4)
i dnt remenber but prepare for it.

for sect 5)
Wht is edi
wht is severlets
wht is rmi

no hr,no ti…………….if u clear apti u r selected..

best luck……

Mastek Placement Paper

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