Mastek Placement Paper

Company: mastek Ltd

Hi friends, I got thru Mastek. There were about 200 ppl appearing for d test out of which 70 were selected and finally 23 were shortlisted after the interview n i was one among them.

The test was very simple. There wer abt 80 mins given for solvin whole paper. It was made up of 5 sections. All the sections were divided in two sub sections A & B.

Section 1 & 5:
Both the sections were based on simple maths. They were simplest n must be attempted 1st .ques wer same as that given in it

Section 2&4:
It was logical part consistin of venn diagrams n were very simple. There were abt 15 ques on data interpretation. do atleast part of data interpretation 4m R.S.Agrawal

Section 3:
5 ques wer abt general englisg like a sentence is given n we need 2 find most appropriate match 4 it.
5 ques wer on comprehension given
10 ques wer on flowchart.
First attept everythin then at last attempt flowchart.
Just go thru the prgm of printin first 100 prime nos. before d exam.

HR was quite simple
al the general questions wer asked
In tech interview Ques wer asked based on d programmin languages dat u hv mentioned in ur resume.
go thru ur resume thouroughly b4 apprearin 4 d interview.

Mastek Placement Paper

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