Mastek Placement Paper

Company: mastek Ltd

I am Madhusmita. Here r some questions that i have faced in Mastek interview

It has 5 sections :
SECTION A has 2 subsections
SECTION D has 3 subsections

Each section has 10 questions. total of 80 question & 80 mins. no sectional cutoff. but .25 negative mark.

In the 1st section there is Aptitude. Second section English in which 5 questions r from paragraph basis, the third section based upon flow chart which is quite tough.

The paper was quite easy.. the questions r from rs agrwal aptitude & reasoning. do it well u will be success

The persons who r in interview board was very nice personality. They r so good.
my HR questions are
how was the ppt?
Do u want to comment over the ppt?
What is ur strength & weaknesses?
What u have done to improve ur weaknesses?
What do u mean by team leader ? & Team building? Like this

In my Tech round
what is i in oracle 9i
what is oracle 8s?
Difference between oracle 9i & 8i?
Difference between 8085 & 8086 microprocesser?
A program of a*b in 8086?
Features of OOP? & C++?
How to find out the leargest no among three with minimum comparision? Like this & many more

Have faith on God do hard work sucess will be ur. Best of luck to all of u. After the failure of Infosys I suppose due to my hard work I have got through Mastek

Mastek Placement Paper

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