Mastek Placement Paper

Company: mastek Ltd

Mastek is very good company & give ur best 2 be a MASTEKEER.

Total 80 questions, no sectional cutoff, -ve marking 0.25 marks
1] Aptitude
2] Technical interview
3] Personal interview

1] Aptitude:
This section consist of 3 sub sections such as logical, mathematics, verbal

Logical is very very easy. Maths is bit tougher than logical, but if u have gone through R.S. Agarwal then no problem at all. 1st solve logical section, after that solve maths section. dnt attempt Question on flow chart they r confusing and time consuming so go 4 flow chart Q only if time permits.

Verbal section is not that easy as other 2 sections. questions such as choose appropriate phrase and questions on passage were there. passage was very lengthy. so i suggest go 4 tis section after solving logical & maths section but solve this b4 solving flow chart questions.

2] Technical interview
my interviewer was very friendly. interview lasted for 45 min. Mastek is mainly looking 4 your logical thinking and programing skill. As i am from ECE questions were based on C for CSE students questions on JAVA were asked, he asked me questions such as
1) write prog 4 swapping using TEMP variable and also using pointers
2) questions on functions, call by value, call by referance
3) syntax
4) questions on array, pointers etc etc…..
5) then some questions based on 8085
6) 1 easy prog on 8085 such as swaping, avg of 5 no
7) gave 2 puzzles 2 solve. puzzles r 4m shakuntala devi
8) he asked me lots of questions on project. be prepared
after long 45 min of my life I was quite confident. i was able 2 ans his all questions he was very impressed. be confident while answering and maintain eye contact & dnt try 2 fool interviewer. if u dnt knw any ans then say i am sorry sir nt able 2 recall ans.

3] personal interview:
Interviewer was quite rude after all he was doing his job. interview was stress interview questions such as
1) tell me something abt u which u havnt mentioned in resume,
2) why ur % r decreasing
3) why software field?
4) present ur thoughts on poverty and reservations
5) and many other general questions
interview lastd for 45 min, was looking 4 confidence and communication skill. 350 students appeared for aptitude, 37 for interviews and finally they selected only 7 this was my 1st interview m so happy now. best of luck friends

Mastek Placement Paper

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