Mastek Placement Paper

Company: mastek Ltd

I had appeared for Mastek Internship test 2005.
I may not be of help as to what type of questions may be there.

But I think, some tips may be of use to you:

There was an on-line intranet test on their systems.
The test comprised of questions on Quant from RS Agrawal totally.
Prepare on that thoroughly.

You can navigate in the test, in a sequential order.

i.e; first|previous|next|last

Test is usually quite lengthy

You should try hard to scan to the quant section first, bcoz that is most straight forword,
as against the logical reasonin n other sections. It is usually the last section in the test.

Then you can go for the logical reasonin section, which will be in the middle section.

One more thing, there will be questions on data interpretation eg on statistics of
population in that there will be an image of chart: then on subsequent slides will
follow relevant questions.

Once you navigate to the questions on the given chart, you will again need to
navigate to previous slide to view again the chart, that will waste your time by
a lot. So just draw any chart/image that you get in the questions, on the paper
so as to save your time. It really helps and is needed.

Their cut off is usually 60% in the test.

Mastek Placement Paper

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