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Tech Mahindra Ltd

Company: Tech Mahindra Ltd

Aptitude Test:
1. There were 6 different sets but they took exam on two sets only. My set number was 0004

2. In the questionb booklet there was negative marks but they told that it would not be applicable for us.

3. there was sectional cut off but they did not tell about the cut off marks.

4. Total question=75 Time=1hr.

5. Lastly I came to know the total cut off was 38. (50%)

Question Pattern: 1. English ( 35 Q )
2. Aptitude ( 20 Q )
3. Logical Reasoning ( 20 Q )

Question Type: The overall question pattern was very easy. There is nothing special to mention. Still I am trying to remember.

1. English -> a. Appropriate article & preposition
b. Tense
c. Sentence rearrange
d. Choosing title of passage
e. Meaning of word ,simple one not frm BARON
f. they give to associate some words ripple, splash, shock to associate with following words
water, light, electric…most of the answers were water

2. Aptitude -> a. TCS Stasndard.
b. Few number series given in 3X3 matrix form & u have to fill up the missing number
c. Problems on age. A is 5 yrs older than B. 5 yrs back A’s age was twice of B.Current age?
d. 2 or 3 word puzzles.
e. Ratio of profit of A,B,C
f. I bought a saree, shoe & bag from market. Saree & shoe all total cost 210. Bag cost 10 more than shoe. Individual price? Can’t remember exactly the sum, it was from Shakuntala Devi.

3. Reasoning-> a. From R.S Agarwal
b. For me it was little bit difficult. Suggestion from me is, first go through the other sections & answer it at last.

Technical Interview:
1. It depends on the respective panel. Question were asked from OS, C ( Test ur C Skills) , DBMS ( Normalization maily), C++, Networking.

2. As they mostly work on networks be very much confident while choosing Networking as ur choice. Same is for C++ .

3. Better options will be OS, DBMS.

4. If ur choice is DS, go through the tree & panning tree algos, and sorting

HR Interview:
1. You have to do it well as they give very much preference on this part. Questions on ur hobby, family background, relocation problem is generally asked.

2. To some student they ask about their company profile. So plz go through their profile on their website

Our Statistics: Appeared: 72
Written Cleared: 41
Tech Cleared: 36
HR cleared: 32

It is really very easy. Just have faith on your knowledge & always bear a smiling face while answering. It will do good. Best of luck for all.

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