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Hi guys,

Myself, Chaukse Rahul Ravindra, Pune Vidyarthi Griha’s College Of Engg. & Tech., Third Year, Information Tecnology.

Today 24th June,2006. This was our 4th day of Joint Campus With other two Colleges like Cummins Women’s College, & All the flavours of Sinhagad Institutes. All three colleges were from Pune Only. Today we had MBT i.e. Tech Mahindra. It was at Cummins College.

The Criteria was (Aggregate)
For Regular Students = 58% considering their marks upto 5th Semester
For Diploma Holders = 58% considering their Diploma Third Year marks as first year marks of Engg. & the Semester no. 3, 4, 5.

The Offer was Rs. 2.6 Lakh p.a. Bond of Rs. 1,00,000/- after joining the company.

Selection Pattern
– 1 Hour Test
– Hr Interview

I have attended the MBT ( Tech Mahindra ) Written Test at Cummins College.
It was having 3 sections
1) Verbal Section 35 Questions
2) Analytical Reasoning & Series Problems 20 Questions
3) Non Verbal i.e. General Apti. 20 Questions
The Paper was of 75 Questions & time limit was 1 hour, NO NEGATIVE
MARKING ( SPECIAL CASE generally it has 0.25 deduction )
I dont remember all questions but, here are some

Section 1 : Verbal Section
i) Complete the sentence. 10 Ques
– by using prepositions & tenses as well as similar words.
ii) Find similar & opposite words. 10 Ques
iii) Read the passage & give the answer 10 Ques
– 1 page passage
iv) Data Sufficiency problems 5 Ques

Section 2 : Analytical Problems & Complete the series.
i) Complete The Series 10 Ques
– All the flavours of Numbers & Alphabets.
ii) Analytical Reasoning 10 Ques
– Like Car, Seat, & Seat cover
Digrams of Circles are drawn.
– Like Gold, Metal, Aurnaments.

Section 3 : Non Verbal ie Genaral Apti & Data Sufficiency 20 Ques
i) Time & Work Problems
ii) Time & Distance Problems
iii) Boat & Flow Problems
iv) Simple & Compound Intrests
v) Data Sufficiency Problems

I havent seen last 10 problems, because of time limit. But all General Apti Problems were from R.S. Agarwal. We Were more than 200 Students & they have Short listed atleast 75 students from us. I dont know anything abt Interview which were taken after this.
Best Of Luck.

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