Company: McAfee


Quantitative : 45 Minutes
Reasoning / Analytical : 45 Minutes
Verbal English : 30 Minutes
Technical : 30 Minutes

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:

The entire aptitude test, except the technical section, was based on CAT. McAfee usually hires e-Litmus to administer the aptitude test, and they have a very complicated negative marking scheme. The quantitative section included basic arithmetic problems, probability and even some geometry problems and the analytical section was mostly problem solving. Both the sections were time consuming and pretty tough. The verbal section had reading comprehensions, sentence completion, logical ordering of sentences, etc. Overall, the exam appeared to be like a mock CAT.


The interview consisted of simple C questions, general puzzles, operating systems, Unix and networking. C questions included simple code analysis. OS questions included multi-threading, shell programming and other questions about Unix and Windows. Networking questions included OSI layers and their functions, and other concepts like DNS, DHCP, SSL, ping, etc. Data structures almost did not figure in the interview. The interviewer was also keen on knowing about my projects, and asked some related questions.


The HR round had all the three panel members interviewing the candidate. They started with questions about my personal details, and then asked some mathematical and analytical problems. All the candidates shortlisted for this round were asked different kinds of questions, like one was asked just C, another just OS, and so on.
They also asked me some HR questions like my own initiatives, successes and failures. I guess talking about your projects confidently helps a lot.