MindTree Placement Paper

Company: mindtree Ltd

Mindtree paper on 12th April at Bangalore institute of technology

Mindtree came on 12-13thth April in Bangalore institute of technology Mindtree written was conducted by pac basically it is time base test so they check speed. so u got to be fast in selecting write questions

1)first was some flow charts were given u had to fill empty boxes easy one u could do 15/20 time 15 min
2)then there was analytical simple one all basic math’s so u got to be fast around 10-15 min was given
3)then there was speed math’s like there was 4000/0.2~2000 like u had to guess nearest answer to questions of these type there were 20q’s and 3 min was given
4)then there was one section some data was given and u just had to check the names
x 123

y 234

z 456
Then questions was x 123 option 1)right 2)wrong

so just had to select one of two but only 10 min and around 25-30q’s

5)simple c like compiler generates what(0bject code) just can’t remember other questions in this section

2nd round: GD 94 short listed out of say 150
topic was with it growth are core streams like electronics. civil. losing their identity basically in gd one thing is u just have got to speak and also u don’t have to speak for or against just speak what u know even i used to think what should I say but when u sit there u do listen to everybody’s points u will surely get ideas

other topics where should youth enter politics, should president be given more powers,
so basically in GD just speak they know we are fresher’s and so don’t expect u speak really good English basically speak confidently and also listen to others

Final round: 65 were short listed f or technical interview in this round basically be quite confident
Question were:
tell me about yourself then best part was they did not see your resume he asked me my favorite subject being ec i said logic design sp he asked mux, demux, encoder-in these q’s do draw truth table to explain to him he then asked modulation, need for modulation then he asked me what is ckt used in adsl splitter(BSNL broadband) later i searched on net and found Ans was low and high pass filter so just be confidant even if your wrong then he asked a c program I could not get that either but i guessed i still don’t know whether it was right

very important do show interest in the company in starting i made it clear I am keen to join Mindtree he asked me in end why are u so excited to join Mindtree so do listen to ppt well i said young company so more opportunities are there which is surely true
then he asked who was the person who gave ppt I said I don’t know but ppt was good. the person taking interview was really cool even other panels according to other people were good at last results were announced and 33 were short listed including me so basically be confidant and back yourself

MindTree Placement Paper

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