MindTree Placement Paper

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1st round written test, 20 q’s and 2 programs. 30 mints for aptitude and 15 mints for coding. I remember few q’s:

1) sum of 1 sq + 2 sq + 3 sq + …. + 99sq

2)a pipe can fill a tank in 5 hr. With a leak in tank it takes 6 hrs to fill. How many hrs r required by the leak to empty the tank.

3)50 lit of water from which 5 liter is replaced with alcohol. Again 5 liter from the mixture is replace by 5 ltr of alcohol. The ratio of alcohol to water is ?
a) 1:4
b) 41:50

4)A car takes 3hrs less than a truck to cover the distance from Bombay to Pune (192 km). The speed of the truck is 16km/hr slower than car.
Find the speed of the car.

5)A boat travels at 10 km/hr in still water. It travels 91 km downstream and upstream in 20 hrs. Find the rate of flow of the river.

Two programs:
1) There r 1..n numbers placed in an array in random fashion with one integer missing. Find the missing integer.
2) convert postfix expression to infix expression.

2nd round was G.D.
we had the topic : Traffic in Bangalore.

3rd round.
Personal Interview.

I hope this information will be of some use.

MindTree Placement Paper

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