Mindtree Placement Paper

Company: mindtree Ltd

We had Mindtree exam on 5th July 2007. The paper was simple but the time limit he gives could make u a bit fuzzy and spoil ur test so never do that.. just be cool and go on with how much u can do becoz thts the best way to do it. Hurry could lead you to disaster.

The test contained 7 sections 1st section had flowcharts (in it some box filling stuff) four were der. 2nd was making equs. 3rd was speed maths. 4th was matching.

For the first and second section we were given 15 mins. For 3rd and 4th we were given just 3 mins. In 3 mins we were supposed to do 13 maths ques of form 1345%567(appro)= types.

Last 3 secs were of 15 mins (for all 3), contained a bit technical, passage, ques, algorithm stuff. In written out of 350 or 400 i think 150 were shortlisted.

Next was GD. Just be confident and add points. Initialisation and team cooperation and ur confidence is observed. The topic was “Email vs Snailmail”. In GD out of 150-70 were shortlisted.

Next was Tech cum HR.
I was in the panel A and second one to be interviewed in it.
The interviewer asked me on entrance whts the basic diff in EIE, ECE, CSE, IT.
I told. Nextly he asked me diff in IT and CSE. I told.
He asked me abt analog communication, its contents.
Asked architecture of my project.

Then he asked me a prog relating to my project. I EXPLAINED THE SERVLET. Then he asked its practicality and cases of validity in an email He almost asked me so many symbols that cant be used in an email (like double @,?,:,etc.
Then he asked my eamcet rank.
What kind of books i read. I told i read abt plants, animals, nature.
Then he asked on animals. If you really have something then only speak out becoz whtever u say he has ques on them.
He was really impressed by my facts on animals… 🙂
Then he asked me to check cases in email validation i asked can i write in Perl as i did project on it. And i explaned it with a SPLIT function….. he was impressed.
Then he asked abt my family background and full details abt them…..
What I observed is u r selected only if u show some unique quality in u and great level of confidence.. What I advise is be sound at tech and non tech and just leave rest on god….

Only 27 out of 70 were shortlisted at last. I was one among them. In my class 5 were selected. Felt really happy.. God tests things but gives what u seek…

Mindtree Placement Paper

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