Mindtree Ltd Placement Paper

Company: mindtree Ltd


For those of you who have not been driven towards the company after scanning through Mindtree’s Website, this is the place to be. The presentation is by far the best i have ever seen. From the meaning of the company’s logo to the answers to queries at the end of the session,every single word will strike a chord.


procedure: There is a fixed time for each of the 7 sections.
A proctor keeps track of the time and informs when to move to the next section.
There is a sample question at the beginning of each section,reading of the sample is not timed. The paper tests you on your basic reasoning abilities.
If you are looking for the test pattern, I would suggest you stop right now. The only people who would be of help are the people who have written the test. It is a very different test,it tests you on your speed,ability to stay calm N focussed in that one hour. No standard type questions.The difficulty level Is not high but speed and concentration is the criteria.
flowcharts: the problem statement is given along with a flowchart .some of the boxes of the flowchart are empty with choices to fill in. a section was filled with division and reminder finding,basically speed math
a problem on conversion of base of numbers
application of general formula’s like speed = d/t etc
the last section has OS and SE(if u haven’t studied these subjects dont worry,we were informed it was not given importance for non cs/is branches)
learn the names of the stages of software production life cycle,wat is the output of the compiler,some basics of c


The group discussion was preceded by tips on group discussions,but this of course depends on your panel.All the panel members are extremely friendly and polite.
Put forward your opinions and listen when someone else a peaks.
I am not qualified enough to give GD tips,so ill leave it here.


We were asked about our favorite subjects. Thorough questioning is done in those subjects, so know what your speaking about.
OS: Question: difference between pages and segments

* write a program which accepts i/p into an array of letters
* c-circle
* t-triangle etc
* and prints circle if array entry is ‘c’
* triangle if array entry is ‘t.

Mindtree Ltd Placement Paper

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