Mindtree Placement Paper

Company: mindtree Ltd

I’m Harish from GITAM. Selected for Mindtree and tat too after four failures (TCS, WIPRO, CSC and Satyam). Every time lost in interviews except for CSC where i couldnt even get through written. so dont get disappointed even if u loose initially. tats wat i learned and dont miss any company when ur disappointed. i almost decided to leave MINDTREE after failure in Satyam but went later. where some of my friend missed the oppurtunity.

The process is
1: Written test paper designed by PAC comprising of two test booklets and 245 (dont get panic. u will hav sufficient time) questions on a whole.

Test booklet 1:

Section 1: It has 35 questions from flow charts where we need to fill empty blocks in flow charts from options.(30 min)
Section 2: 23 quant questions which were easy(20)
Section 3: Speed maths
Section 4: Some data is given and we hav to check whether its rightly given again in questions
sec-3 & sec-4 together 10 min. sec-4 very easy so do it first

Test Booklet 2:

Section 1: some more questions on flow charts
Section 2: computer fundamentals
Section 3: phycometry
Section 4: Subjects names and discriptions are given as questions and we hav to answer where we hav learned them ie in graduate level, ug level, pg level, school level, insitutes and a last question “how was ur exam”
all sections together 75 min

Results were announced after 2 days 150 shortlisted from around 400 people

Three panels simulataneously did GD for three groups at a time consisting of 15 members. Topics were
1: Can there be a world with out Internet these days
2: Will india be devloped country in tems of Infrastructure
3: Will India hav a sustainable development (tat is will it be able to balence development and ecology and environment)
4: Can India be a superpower in nearby future

51 shortlisted

Tech + HR Interview:
It was little difficult than other interviews i hav faced as every subject (Favourite Programming Language, CN, DBMS (even a tough query was asked to be written), SE and OS) were covered for every person. Similar questions were repeatedly asked so its how well we tell answers tat matters not just wat we tell.

Finally 32 were selected and i was there

Mindtree Placement Paper

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