Company: MRF Limited


MRF conducted there placement process in colleges in southen kerala- CET and TKM , almost on succeeding weeks of november.Here I am from TKM college of Engineering.

Type : on Campus
conducetd for : mechanical & electrical
Selected : 3 from EEE, 6 from mech , 1 waiting list

The whole process was done in 2 days as two phases.On first day the test were conducted and second day, the interviews

Had an initial technical written test of 30 questions,multiple choice with four options.For electrical engineering the questions had 5 questions each from machines,power system etc. It was all just basics and almost everybody cleared it. The it was a GD. A problem of a shopkeeper was given to us to discuss.

Literally whoever spoke made it to the next stage,no matter what u speak !The topic was a problem : A shopkeeper was given 20 RS and brought things for Rs 14. He gave Rs 6 balance after getting change from a nearby shop for Rs20.In the evening the nearby shopkeeper from whom he took change finds that the Rs 20 note was a fake one.
So he returns it. Wats the profit/loss of the shop keeper. Remember whatever the answer be , speaking is important.You will have to open your mouths .
Then came a scheduling round. We had to schedule a days action
Next was an aptitude test. A written one and it was easy too.

Total 14 was shortlisted after all these for onterviews.


Tech round :( for 6 pepole), a panel of 2 people was the interview board Pure technical questions.
All basics and theyvirtually asks you anything they likes to. Qoestions each one got was different.
Few of them where Working of inverter Difference b/w inverter and converter Made people draw simple machines Simple symbols etc
Difference between triac and thyristor etc
HR(Again 2 people panel)
It was again simple affair.
We are checked if we are really wiliing to work in their “dirty” plants,as an interviewer said.