Newgen Software Technologies Limited
Newgen Software Technologies Limited

Newgen Software Technologies Limited Placement Paper

Company: Newgen Software Technologies Limited

The selection procedure is of 3 rounds..

First is written test
Second is psychometric test
Third is personal interview

Written test consists of 3 sections
1>verbal and aptitude 30 ques in 35 mins 30 marks
questions were easy if you have some practice on it you will solve all of them in time

2>quanitative apti-10 ques in 10 mins 10 marks
easy section

3>Technical section-10 ques 20mins 20 marks

3-5 ques on c rest on computer awareness(like full form of arp,ssl etc)

Psychometric test it is not a elimination round is just for your HR

there were 50 ques and you have to answer them in 30 mins..

Personal interview

Questions in C and data structure and some sort of HR..
if you have good knowledge of C you can clear it easily….

some of my interview question were..

1>multiply a no. by 7 and 8 without using * operator;(my ans n<<3for 8 and n<<3-n for 7) 2>count no. of set bits in 8 it no.(my ans count=0;while(n){count++;n=n&(n-1);}
3>diffrence between char *p and char p[]
4>a matrix contains only 0s and 1’s and I have to write a function which tells that whether the shape formed by 1s is straight lin or any other shape.(I have answered it using the concept of slope ,slope must be same for every two points)

5>construct a data structure to store large no.s of more than 50 bits(my ans hash table with link lists

Newgen Software Technologies Limited Placement Paper

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