Company: Nvidia Corporation

Technical: 55 minutes
Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:

There is only one written exam (45 technical and 5 analytical questions)
This paper is divided in to 5 sections(C, OS, Data Structures, C++, Analytical)
1. C paper: maximum questions are on tracing(i.e., outputs), concentrate on some pointer arithmetics
2. OS(virtual memory, page replacement problems, interrupts, semaphores, fork concepts)
3. C++(only basics(read Balaguru Swamy book) concentrate on virtual functions, volatile)
4. Data Structures(Trees, height of red black trees)
5. Analytical(simple mathematical calculations)


There was only 1 technical round.
1. Half of the questions are from Memory management(cache memory, main memory, virtual memory).
2. write an algorithm to count leading number of 0′s in a 32 bit integer)
3. write an algorithm to find the cycle in a linked list, and to remove that cycle.
4. some classic algorithms on synchronization(producer consumer)
5. semaphores and conditional variables.
6. Processor architecture( RISC, CISC and their differences)
7. DMA
8. cache coherance.
9. Explain the procedure for loading a driver.
10. memcpy functionality.
11.And some HR questions….to test your confidence.

1. Just have faith in your-self,
2. You should have good knowledge on OS and Computer Organisation(particularly memory management and synchronisation) and basics of C.