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Hi friends?

I wrote the onmobile test on 25th frm Bangalore.the test consisted of just 8 puzzles and 90 mins time.Some questions had negative marks.

1)1/3rd ppl in a village lie.nxt 1/3rd says truth and last 1/3rd are ?normal?,ie, says sometimes truth and sometimes lie.A tourist met a man on the road on two consecutive days.what is the probability that he is ?normal??

2)In a group(A,B,C) there is a female and 2 males.The males say truth in the morning and lies in the afternoon.Female lie in the morning and says truth in the afternoons.One day a man asked the group what time it is.they replied like this

A:-B is female

B:-C is male

C:-A is female

Identify their correct gender?

3)A chessboard of 80 cm size .A 2cm diameter coin is tossed into the board.What is the probability that the coin fall completely on the white square?

4)100 monks are at one side of a river.They have to cross the river.In the river they saw 2 childern on a boat.So they thought of crossing the river in that boat.But the baot can carry one monk or two children at a time.What is the minimum no of shore to shore travel of the boat needed to take the all monks to other side?

5)There is a race track in which only 9 horses can race at a time.There came 81 horses and what is the min no of races needed to find the 4 champions?.Selection is not based on time but on position.

6)One man says truth only in one day in a week.

One day he said- I lie on Mondays and Tuesdays

Next day he said-today is either sat,sun or Thursday.

Next day he said-I lie Fridays and Wednesdays

In which day of the week the man says truth?

7)A professor startd from his home to college.He lookd at his watch and said,?the minute hand is exactly on a minute mark?.He then went college in his car.wen he stopd the car on the mid way,he saw the two hands were coinciding and the minute hand is not correctly over a minute mark.What was the time wen he startd frm home?

8)In a marchpast the distance b/w the 1st and last person is 50km.The first man ran to last man,touched him and returned to the last position while the marchpast was going on.Then he found dat the group moved 50 kms.what is the total distance the first man traveled?

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