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1. if the date is written as MMDDYYYY, and then 10022001, ie)oct 2 2001 is a palindrome. which is the immediate palindrome before that date.

2. there r 2 trains travelling at 100 MPH each. there is a 200Mile tunnel. the trains travel in opposite directions. when the trains enter, a supersonic bee starts at the tunnel, touches the other train, comes back touches the first train, turns again and touches the other train and so on until the trains collide. Find the distance travelled by the bee.

3. It is 12.00 o clock. Find how often the minute hand meets the hour hand.

4. Find the maximum product using positive integers the sum of which is 100. Dont know if i am sure with this one. sorry. i didnt do this.

5. in a train Art is found dead. hours later 4 people are queried,

Blonde says i am innocent, i didnt speak with Art
White says i am innocent, Blonde spoke with Art
Old says i am innocent, the brunette killed Art
Brunette says i am innocent, one of the men killed Art

The inspector says simple, 4 true statements, 4 false statements.
I know the killer, very simple!!!
Find out the killer. (only one is involved.)

6. 2 maths geniuses meet after 20 yrs.one says i am married. and have 3 daughters. the product of their ages is 72. the sum is the same as the house no. other says, but I cant find it out. The other says. . simple. ok, my eldest daughter has just started the piano classes.Find their ages.This one is there in previous question papers also.

7. 5 sea pirates have 100 gold coins and want to share it. They propose a plan.
The senior most one has to propose an idea, if at least 50 % agree, the coins r shared accordingly. else the senior is killed and the next senior most is asked to present a plan and so on .
note, all the guys r very clever and very greedy and dont want to lose the coins, and dont want to die. Form a way to share the money.
I didnt do this….no time

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