Company: Oracle India Pvt Ltd

Profile: Application Development


There were two technical rounds. The first round was pretty simple.I was asked about my favourite subjects, to which i replied operating systems and datastructures.I was asked to explain the concept of semaphore. It was followed by basic questions concerning binary trees and code writing for binary search on a tree. I was also asked to write two DBMS queries. Inspite of being syntactically off target, I was able to explain the concept. I give a brief overview about my summer projects and non-technical interests.

The second round was more technical and hardcore. I was asked the language I was comfortable in, which were C and C++. Questions concerning implementation of phone directory, templates and double pointers as well as memory allocation were asked. Towards the end, I was asked to write codes for reversing a linked list and recursive code for fibonacci series.


There was one HR round wherein I was asked general questions regarding my area of interest, the work I would like to do in Oracle and why should I be hired by them. In addition, they inquired about my final year project and my summer projects.

Finally, I had a brief session where I was made aware about the verification process that I would have to go through if I were selected into the company. I was asked about my preferences and future plans.


The interviews are not difficult. A composed mind and patient approach coupled with a firm grasp of basic concepts in datastructures and operating systems would seal the deal. Also, make sure you are confident when you are explaining your project(s) to the interview panel.