Company: Oracle India Pvt Ltd


Aptitude Test : 90 Minutes

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:

There was an online written test for 90 mins, which was completely of objective type. It had 3 sections with sub-sections in each, you have cut-off time for each sub-section. You can answer the sections in any order. There was one aptitude section(quantitative & reasoning), one section of software basics(DBMS and other software basics) and the third section was programming part(objective type). In the programming section, all the 10 questions were asked on trees.

The aptitude will be very easy, have good command on data structures and some basic idea about DBMS. Keep track of the time in each section as in some section you have less than a minute to answer the questions.


We had three rounds of technical interviews. In the 1st round I was asked to write the algorithms for 3 programs. They were based on strings(finding the key wprd in a dictionary etc), recursions. It was for around 30 mins.

In the second round, I was given 2 puzzles and was asked to write 7 algorithms The puzzles were really simple(dividing the water in a jug equally etc), the algorithms were based on strings, data structures(trees, linked list) and some normal C logic(how do u swap two numbers with out using +/- or temp variable, an algorithm for random function). It was for around 2 hrs and 30 mins.

In the third round, I was asked questions related to C, oops and some basics of DBMS and some HR questions. The HR questions were the usual ones like:

* tell me about yourself?
* why oracle?
* where do you see yourself in the next 10years?
* why not higher studies?
* what do you know about oracle?
* why should we hire you?
* being in ECE, why do you want to go for software job?

it was for around 40 mins. The other panel asked questions(for other students) related to electronics even, which were like circuit diagram of 555, interfacing key board to microprocessor, DAM, op-amp etc.

The HR round was just a formality, I was asked my preferential work place, when can I join if I was hired etc. The short list was already made and all the guys who were called for the final HR were finally selected. This round was for just less than 10 mins.

A panel of 12 members had come for the recruitment. The entire procedure lasted for around 13 hrs. They started the PPT at 9.30 AM and by the time the results were announced it was 10.30 PM. All the strain of the day disappeared once I saw the name in the final list.