Oracle Placement Paper

Company: Oracle India Pvt Ltd

I think these questions will be useful for those who are going to
attend the Oracle_Bangalore Interview.

The questions asked to me in Oracle Interview are:

1st interviewer(one hour 10 minutes)

1. There is dual switch bulb,we have to write the truth table and also FSM for that dual switch bulb.

2. Write a program to check whether the given comments are nested comments are or not(/*ajsd/*asdh*/asd*/ is nested comment but /*asd*/ /*kjasdh*/ is not a nested comment)-you can write program in any language…

3.Check whether the trees are structurally similar or not….program using linked list

4. What is virtual functions and some question on virtual functions….

5.What are the statemnets beging with # mean in C language and how they can be handled by macroprocessor and if it comes in the middle of program how it will be handled..

6.Write a program for finding the factorial of a given number.. 2nd interviewer(one hour 20 minutes)

1. Write a program to find whether a linked list is circular or not

2. Write a program to reverse a linked list…

3.Write a program to find the mirror image of the given binary tree.

4.Tell something about genetic algorithms and explain ur M.Tech project….

3rd interviewer(one hour 10 minutes)

1. What is a process and a thread

2.Write a algorithm for deletinga node in an binary search

3.What is inheritance,virtual function,singleton class and
pure virtual function…

4.Write a unix network program to implement the ftp

5. write a algorithm to find a loop ina linked lsit.

6.he concentrated mainly in unix.. what is socket and what is
binding and how is client server thing works…..

4th interviewer(one hour )

1. What are the various scheduling algorithms and explain the algorithms

2. Write what will happen when you run a program that contains many functions…
you have to tell what is stored in stack and what is stored in the heap and other steps how a program is executed…

3. Write a program for quicksort and also merge sort

4.What is the process control block and explain the structure with a diagram…

5.Write a program to insert nodes in a linked list and print them and some modifications after writing the program to write functions for addnode….

6.he concentrated mainly in Operating systems…

Oracle Placement Paper

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