Oracle Interview

Company: Oracle India Pvt Ltd

Recently I have taken up the selection process with Oracle Corporation for (0-6) months experienced candidates. The Interview process was very very cool… multiple Telephonic Interview. As i have mentioned Java as my fav language I had most of the Q’s from Java. Entire Int Through Telephone:

Selection Process: HR, Tech, Again final HR

HR Round:
Int: Hi Venkatesh
Me: Hi
Int: Can u tell me bout yourself
Me: Told
Int: Ok wat r ur hobbies?
Me: Told
Int: Why Oracle? and Why not present Employer?
Me: Told
Int: Some background questions
Int: Ok this is telephonic screening process if u clear this u will be getting a call on tomorow that will be ur technical round be prepared.
Me: Fine, its my pleasure to take up the selection process with Oracle!!!!!
Int: Bye..

Next Day I got a call for Technical interview…….
Int: Hi Venkatesh Good evening
Me: Hi Gud evening
Int: He introduced himself that he is from Oracle etc etc…. Asked Bout me…
Me: I have given Self Intro!!!!!
Int: ok Venkatesh I will give u one small pgm…
Me: tell me..
Int.. I have two numbers 9895647332 and 9765647514… Rule:1 In that 647 is common na u need to find that
Rule: 2.
Another tw numbers 97654777310 , 98943555254
In that 7—-> Appeared three times
5—->also appeared three times u need to find this kind of pattern also…
Rule 3: Again two numbers with another condition……… wat he told me is I need to write a program which shud accept 2 numbers and it shud check whether that two numbers fall in one of the three rules…..
Me: I tried my level best…… I used lot of java concepts.. finally my solution was 50% correct…
Int: ok wat do mean by static….
Me: answd
Int: Static function
Int: any speciality for that
Me: Yes, can call without creating object
Int: ok wat would the effect of var if it is declared as static inside and outside…..
ME: answd
Int: Questions on Interface,Abstract, String…lot of questions on String Operations…….
Bout String Buffer
Me: answd all
Int: Mark up Interface
Me: answd
Int: Bout Project
Me: answd
Int: Difference Between finally, final, and finalize…
Me: answd
Int: Two j2ee Questions
Me: answd
Int: some DBMS Questions lik join, having, triggers
Me: answd 2 but said i don know bout triggers
Int: ok venkatesh i am done with my interview
Me: ok … smiled and said byebye..

Oracle Interview

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