Company: Oracle India Pvt Ltd

Oracle Written test & Placement Papers 2012

Computer Science and Engineering


Aptitude Test: 90 minutes

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:
It is an online test and there is time constraint for each seection. Totally there are 4 sections viz. quantitative, analytical, data structures and databases and OS. Apti questions are easy but time consuming. In DS, they stressed on classes and trees. Questions were like output of the programs,finding out the correct code for the given algorithm or code for the function in a class. In databases questions were on normilizations, database transaction management. OS only basics were asked on process control,deadlock etc.;


They are totally 3 technical rounds and one HR round.

Round 1:

In this round they concentrated totally on data structures.First he started with ‘tell me about yourself” and he asked to suggest an appropriate data structure and algorithm you would use to store table pairs and efficient way of executing queries like. Next he asked to explain about my project and asked some questions related to it. Then he asked an algorithm to find all the duplicates in an array of numbers in an efficient way and when asked the time and space complexities of it. Then he asked some theory questions like what is difference between c++ and java,interface, abstract class,virtual function.then he asked are there pointers in java?when said no he asked to implement trees in lasted for about an hour.

Round 2:

This round is also totally on DS and here they concentrated on coding skills also. In this we were asked to write code for all the algorithms.

i)he asked to write the code for strcat function and asked for more and more efficient way
ii)he asked to give an algorithm and then write code for deleting the last node in a linked list with a pointer pointing to it and without losing that pointer and we dont have any other pointers to linked list and also we dont know the head.
iii)he asked to write for code for finding loop in a linked list
iv)then he asked code to print all permutations of a string.
v)finally he is satisfied and before leaving he asked me to write code to print all odd numbers below 10 in recursion

This round went on for about 1 hour 15 min

Round 3:
Here he asked questions on all subjects except DS. He was going through my resume and started asking question from the subject in databases he asked about BCNF normal form, normalization, meta data,primary key and foreign key. In OS he asked about deadlock and its prevention algorithms,what is OS ,dirty bit.In networks, he asked to explain all the layers. This round is only for half an hour.


HR is very easy. They just asked on what topic we are doing our final year project,any ideas of higher education,place of preference.